Dr Peter Masters

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Psalm 6.5

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters preached on 25 June 2017
Eternity in the Psalms.

Contrary to what Bible critics ignorantly claim, the Old Testament is full of heaven and the eternal bliss of the redeemed. Here is a review of David's psalms that overwhelmingly prove so, including an explanation of the few places that suggest (wrongly understood) the contrary.

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Jeremiah 7.24

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters preached on 25 June 2017
The Features of Vain Religion.

Why should vague or false ideas about God so offend Him? Here are the marks of wrong religion, and how they differ massively from the faith of the Bible. Here also are the motives for false faith, and the benefits of the true.

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Hebrews 13.6

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters preached on 21 June 2017
Doubts About God's Providence.

Providence - God's fore-provision for all His aims - creation and perpetuation of all, including salvation; how freewill fits in; God's part in all troubles and the deep things they accomplish; the reasons for suffering and the mighty encouragements of Scripture.

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Hosea 14.1

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters preached on 18 June 2017
How to Approach God.

A prophet of 700BC shows the sympathetic heart of God and sets out the terms and the manner for approaching Him, providing the words and the promises that God will hear. Here are our greatest needs, and how God amazingly meets them, and the outcome in our lives.

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2 Peter 3.17

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters preached on 18 June 2017
The Secret of Steadfastness.

The closing admonition of the epistle is a stirring appeal for vigilance in keeping our souls, coupled with a plea for lifelong growth in the gifts given at conversion, and consciousness of Christ's love. Here is what these are, and how they should deepen.

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Ephesians 2.1

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters preached on 14 June 2017
Dissolving of Doubts 7.

A pastoral overview of the doctrines of grace showing man's great need of God's initiative in salvation, the origin of the 'five points' and the galvanising effect they should have on witness and prayer for souls. With God sovereign in salvation, we never despair.

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2 Peter 3.14

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters preached on 11 June 2017
Living In Peace.

The apostle urges growing union with the Lord and inner peace by keeping in view the day of the Lord, reflecting on the reason for Christ's delay – the salvation of the redeemed – and by building knowledge and stability in the Word of God.

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John 10.11

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters preached on 11 June 2017
The Humbling Analogy.

Our pride instinctively recoils from being depicted in the Bible as sheep, but it is a profound and challenging depiction that enables us to see the depth of our spiritual need, and the costly and glorious work of Christ, the shepherd of lost souls.

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Psalm 119.1

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters preached on 7 June 2017
The Dissolving of Doubts 6.

This study refutes a new book attacking the credibility of the Bible (The Bible for Grown-Ups), denying all Bible history before 900BC and claiming endless errors along with the absence of any spiritual message or consistent morality in the OT period. (We hear of teachers indoctrinating classes with it.)

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Mark 1.1

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters preached on 31 May 2017
Mark's Distinctive Gospel.

The special aims of this tract-like Gospel and its unique themes, including attention to the 'signs following' of chapter 16 ('the Pentecostal mistake') and the numerous uses of 'immediately' and their rich pastoral messages as used in different passages.

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