Sermons on Leviticus

20 Sep 2017
Bible Study by Dr Peter Masters

The burnt offerings are past and over, eclipsed by Calvary, but by placing ourselves in the midst of the scene we may feel the impact of the symbolism and the nature of guilt. Here we learn much about how to think in times of repentance.

Searching the Heart Leviticus 3 - 4.
27 Sep 2017
Bible Study by Dr Peter Masters

Lessons from the offerings for our devotional lives today, first for peace (thankfulness), second for sins of 'ignorance' (light untroubled sinning), third for guilt by association, fourth for 'trespass' (sins against God). How can we repent without knowing these categories of offence?

Legitimate Worship Leviticus 8 - 10.
4 Oct 2017
Bible Study by Dr Peter Masters

Numerous times we are told that worship and priesthood were prescribed in detail by God, yet immediately and fatally Nadab and Abihu innovated. Why? Here are common answers, but Scripture mentions only that their novelty was not commanded by God, and here are lessons for churches today.