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Teaching service

Christ Teaches Fruitfulness

John 21.1

A final teaching miracle by the risen Lord trains seven apostles to see key principles of service and instrumentality, including the threefold reproof and restoration of Peter, and the lessons for us, especially on the nature of true love for Christ leading to lifelong loyalty.

Gospel service

Refusing The Boxed-In Life

Luke 14.20

In the parable of the great supper an invited guest declines to attend, implying he has better things to do. Here the Lord reasons with His hearers about their supreme need of God, and the consequences of being confined to a life of materialism. 

Teaching service

The 'Whatsoever' Rule for the Christian Life

Colossians 3.17

The rule of doing all in the name of Christ appears in the context of worship and is a warrant for distinctively Christian hymns, but it goes beyond, embracing all our thoughts, words and deeds. Here is how His name influences every aspect of life.

Gospel service

The Invisible War

Romans 6.12

Paul's analogy of war shows our state before God. We are enlisted in a war against Him, using faculties and powers as weapons. It is a moral war, a rebellion, in which we will fall. Here is the possibility of amnesty and reconciliation.

Teaching service

The Trial of Abraham's Faith

Genesis 22.1-19

Gospel service

Beholding The Wondrous Cross

Galatians 6.14