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Paul's Compendium of Conduct

1 Thessalonians 5.12

This brief 'treasury' of concise exhortations lists key duties for Christian living, including rules for the spiritual life and duties for life in the everyday world. Here are the first eight forming a life of aspirations to both monitor and inspire.

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Christ Counsels Seekers

Mark 8.22

In giving sight to a blind man at Bethsaida the Lord [unusually] healed in two stages, providing a lesson of hope for seekers who have seen through the world and begin to feel their need of forgiveness. Soon the full experience of conversion will follow. 

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Spiritual Wakefulness

1 Thessalonians 5.1

So inclined are we to spiritual and moral casualness that the apostle stresses the necessity and urgency of constant self-scrutiny of our tendencies, temptations, conduct, words and our associations in the fight against the surrounding 'darkness'. Here are his three selected items of armour.

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The Incomparable Mercy of God

2 Chronicles 33.12

The well-known extraordinary conversion of Manasseh, Judah's most evil king, provides a picture of how God draws people to Himself, imbuing them with a deep realisation of their need, so that they give Him their lives to be entirely changed.

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Christ's Imminent Return

1 Thessalonians 4.13

The apostle declares Christ as the unique and authoritative hope for the resurrection of the body. Here also is the concept of being joined to Him for salvation and therefore for eternity; the parousia and the rapture, and their imminence and comfort.

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The Discovery of God

Isaiah 45.22

The human plight of today is looking away from God and alienation from Him. Here is the gracious appeal of God that stirs us from unawareness to see our spiritual need, and to experience His reconciling kindness in conversion. Here is the call of God.