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Signs of Antichrist

2 Peter 3.1-7

From false teachers in the churches, Peter turns to our vulnerability to the godless worldview of the last days, how it is prophesied in both testaments, its motivation, its underlying contempt for accountability, and its wilful rejection of creation, design and morality.

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The 'Like' that Lasts Forever

Hebrews 11.24

At 40, Moses was a famous prince of Egypt, accomplished, famous, probably heading for the crown. But he left it all, preferring obedience to the one true God. Here are the factors which cause countless people down the centuries to take the same pathway.

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False Teaching and Us

2 Peter 2.1

A seemingly negative chapter is crammed with profound comments on false teachers and the immense danger of association. It reviews their infiltration of the church throughout time, and warns believers of growing used to surrounding worldliness and the power of secret sin.

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All God's Supremacy in One Psalm

Psalm 72.1

King David's last words combine a history of time with a 'world view' from God's perspective. Here is the solution to the greatest problem of mankind - moral disorder and alienation from God - and how Christ saves countless souls out of every age of time.

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The Touch that Gained Eternity

Luke 8.43

A terribly sick woman who had haemorrhaged for twelve years crept up behind the Saviour in a crowd and touched the hem of His garment. The purpose of this healing miracle was to portray how faith secures God's healing of the soul and eternal life.

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Right Interpretation

2 Peter 1.16

The Old and the New Testaments magnificently authenticate each other through the fulfilling of prophecy in the marvellous Person and work of Christ. Here is the self-interpreting nature of the Bible, its sufficiency, and the right of private judgement, and how these are honoured.