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The Last Days

Daniel 11.41
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The Lord's Agenda

John 3.1-13

A ruling pharisee, possibly exploring cooperation between Christ and the Temple order, comes by night, but the Lord teaches that only a new birth purchased by Himself, wrought directly by God, and revealed throughout Scripture, can save people, whether pharisees or ordinary Jews and Gentiles.

Gospel service

The Purpose of Life

Ecclesiastes 3.1

An acclaimed and magnificent jewel of poetic literature by Solomon shows that we are not free, but subject in all things to forces outside our control. Then, by a parable, he shows how conversion to God is the way to real freedom and purpose.

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False Teachers - Their Manner, Methods and Motives

Titus 1.10
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Life In A Look

Isaiah 45.22
Teaching service

Christ Purges His Temple

John 2.12

The Lord's purity cannot allow the shameful hypocrisy of Temple conduct, and by an act of divine power He casts out the commerce, and prophesies His own death and resurrection (as well as the fall of the Temple), providing lessons for spiritual living today.