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The Unique Virtues of Sunday Schools

Like no other agency, Sunday Schools enable us to reach and draw a large part of the rising generation to the Saviour. Indeed, whether or not a congregation contains young people saved from the neighbourhood will usually depend on whether there has been an effective Sunday School.

Guidance in Church Decisions

Young men and women are needed who will abandon the fickle, undiscerning way of accepting anything and everything, and take their stand on the authoritative Word of God, proclaiming both the message and the lifestyle of true servants of Christ. Only then shall we see the blessing of God in the conversion of many souls.

Five Keys to God’s Law

There is nothing quite like the Ten Commandments for stimulating progress in sanctification, once our minds are primed to see all that they teach. In the New Testament we read that keeping them is an act of love to Christ, and also the basis of assurance.  This article employs five biblical keys to unlock the riches of the ‘royal law’.

Worship or Entertainment?

Where will your church be five or ten years from now? With the adoption of contemporary worship, many have changed beyond recognition. This is one of the most important issues confronting Bible churches today, and here is why.

Guidance and Loyalty to the Local Church

Sometimes when believers decide where they would like to live or work, almost the last matter considered is their commitment to their church. Is it possible that our criteria for such decisions are out of line with the Lord’s?

Remedies for Problems in Prayer

We may have a lack of assurance, coldness in prayer, little sense of God, and small desire to pray. Isaiah 50.10 is a good solution – ‘Who is among you… that walketh in darkness, and [yet] hath no light? Let him trust in the name of the Lord, and stay upon his God.’

The Cancer in all Human Relationships

The apostle’s prophetic analysis of perilous times has proved harrowingly accurate, and serves as a powerful vindication of the inspired accuracy of revelation. But all is known to our God.

Recognising and Responding to Seasons of Exceptional Apostasy

The remarkable picture of the present age given in the prophecy of Paul in 2 Timothy 3 is breathtaking both in scope and detail. It is the voice of God that speaks in this passage.

The Doctrine of Biblical Separation

The loss of separation has already led to a weakened, worldly, psychological evangelicalism in Britain, and the situation will grow worse still without a return to former standards of loyalty to Christ and his Word. But the commands to stand clear of false doctrine, immorality and worldliness are still in the Bible.

The Value of Covenants

‘This covenant [grace] is the only city of refuge for a distressed soul to fly to for sanctuary, when all the billows and waves of temptation run over him, or Satan doth furiously assault him’. If we fly to this armoury, we can never want weapons to resist the devil’ – Benjamin Keach.

Are there Gossips Among Us?

Gossip has been defined as idle talk or compulsive news-mongering, including the spreading of groundless rumour. Do we indulge in it? To see the ugliness of it and its effect upon the church ought surely to make us think, and put us off. We must neither speak gossip, nor listen to it.

Raiders of the Soul

‘Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves’.  This urges us to watch out intelligently. Do we assess and evaluate the ideas about life which are pressed upon us today? Do we check the various lifestyles and values on offer?

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