Articles by C. H. Spurgeon

Against Hastening to Remove from our Post of Duty

Do we shy away from Christian service? As the Lord's workers we should desire to glorify Him. Christian service is not about selecting the comfortable positions and the hopeful fields; it is best to make no selection, but to yield our own will to the will of God altogether.

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Taking Care of Others

When the Saviour spoke, he spoke volumes. We take a little bit of his gold and hammer it out into acres of gold leaf, and we do well in so doing, for we cannot talk ingots of gold as he did. His words were pearls and rubies and diamonds, and often they meant not only the finite meaning which we can put into practice, but infinite meanings which only he can fulfil.

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Comfort for Tried Believers

This tender yet challenging message from a pastor’s heart deals remarkably with personal temptation, and includes many profound observations.

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How God Uses His People in Soul Winning

Are you a soul winner? Jesus Christ is glad to save sinners, but most of all He is glad to save them by the means of those already saved. This article is a must read for all who seek to honour the Lord in winning souls to Christ.

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Infant Salvation

The tenderness and redemptive power of God.

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C H Spurgeon on the Present Financial Crisis

The present troubles demonstrate the foolishness of atheism, with its belief that you can have morality without Christianity. Spurgeon here refers to the crisis around Overend, Gurney and Company (‘the bankers’ bank’), which collapsed in 1866. How history repeats itself.

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