Sunlight for Cloudy Days

C H Spurgeon

Fourteen heartwarming messages to encourage and challenge, drawn mainly from prayer meeting addresses (with some from Sunday sermons) given at the Metropolitan Tabernacle.

Table of Contents

Sunlight for Cloudy Days
Fourteen Vital & Moving Topics from CH Spurgeon
1. Sunlight for Cloudy Days
When Humility Brings Assurance
2. The Man Whose Sword Clave to His Hand
Eleazar - A Model of Courage and Perseverance in the Lord's Work
3. Inspiration for Seekers and Vetran Believers
Following the Father's Will
4. Extraordinary Thought-Reading
The Basis of True Prayer
5. Sweet Fruit from a Thorny Tree
The Purposes of Pain
6. Daniel's Band
Knowing the Special Love of God
7. The Day Shall Declare It
The Great Day of Judgement
8. Be Not Weary in Well Doing
An Address to the Metropolitan Tabernacle Ladies' Working Benevolent Society
9. 'Battlements' or Spiritual Parapets
The Rules of Spiritual Safety
10. Moving House
Spiritual Observations from Relocation
11. The Winter Campaign
An insight into the labours of a vast congregation enjoying a time of awakening. Portions of an exhortation applicable today.
12. Infant Salvation
The Safety of those Dying in Infancy
13. God Uses His People in Soulwinning
14. Taking Care of Others
The Innkeeper in the Parable of the Good Samaritan


ISBN 9781870855679
Publisher Wakeman trust
Pages 123