Do We Have a Policy?

Paul's Ten Point Policy for Church Health and Growth

Peter Masters

What are our aims for the shaping of our church fellowship, and for its growth? Do we have an agenda or framework of desired objectives? The apostle Paul had a very definite policy, and called it his 'purpose', using a Greek word which means – a plan or strategy displayed for all to see. This book sets out ten policy ideals, gleaned from Paul's teaching, all of which are essential for the health and growth of a congregation today.

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Extracts from this book
We should not just preach the Word and hope that everything else will fall into place. The fact is that we are supposed to have a policy for the growth and maturity of our churches, and such a policy is spelled out in many ways by the apostle Paul.
If a church member were to ask, 'Pastor, what is your programme?' - would we be able to list our aspirations for growth and maturity? And would we be able to demonstrate why these were the right and scriptural priorities for our church? Or would we be among those who could only mumble broad statements, however noble, such as, 'Oh, our purpose is the promotion of evangelism, holiness and spirituality'?
Table of Contents
Prothesis' - Paul's Blueprint
Policy Ideal 1. A Worshipping Chirch
Policy Ideal 2. A Praying Church
Policy Ideal 3. A Sanctified Church
Policy Ideal 4. A Working Church
Policy Ideal 5. A Learning Church
Policy Ideal 6. An Evangelistic Church
Policy Ideal 7. A Separated Church
Policy Ideal 8. A Sacrificial Church
Policy Ideal 9. A Loving Church
Policy Ideal 10. A Believing Church
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