Only One Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Peter Masters

Young Christians these days are confronted by much confusion on the teaching of the Holy Spirit and how He baptizes, fills and anoints God's people.

When is the believer baptized with the Spirit, and what does it amount to? Is there a second baptism? How exactly does the Spirit witness with our spirit? Is the believer to struggle against sin, or does the Lord fight the battle for him? What is the filling of the Spirit? Clear answers are given to all such questions, with 'proof texts'. Ideal for all, especially young believers and study groups


Extracts from this book
In today's environment of spiritual confusion, it is essential that we realise that the only baptism of the Spirit mentioned in the Bible is the gracious act of the Spirit when He comes to dwell within the believer at the time of conversion. Once He is within the soul, we have Him and we possess Him entirely. Of course, we shall want an increasing experience of His strengthening and illumination, but we must never look for an extra, additional baptism. We must not crave ecstatic, curious, mystical experiences, as though a large 'part' of the Spirit has been omitted from His entry into our lives at conversion.
Our task, once we are converted, is to begin immediately to co-operate with the Spirit, to walk by His power, and to prove His helpfulness more and more. It is as we walk in the Spirit that we will taste and know more of His power and blessing.
Table of Contents
1. When is a Believer Baptised With the Spirit?
2. Is a Second Baptism Needed for Assurance?
3. How Does the Spirit Witness With Our Spirit?
4. The Spirit of Holiness
5. Attending the Wrong Classroom
6. Are We to Fight Sin?
7. Must We Be Emptied or Broken?
8. The Filling of the Spirit
9. The Spirit's Way
10. A Baptism of Bliss?
Appendix: The Case of the Ephesus Twelve
Author Peter Masters
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