World Dominion

The High Ambition of Reconstructionism

Peter Masters

Reconstructionism is a movement among evangelical Christians which claims that, alongside evangelism, Christians have a mandate to secure dominion over the world, bringing all governments and social institutions under the authority of the civil law of Moses.

This book describes the movement and its prime movers, pointing out the fundamental mistakes which have led these thinkers to espouse ideas so greatly out of line with mainstream evangelicalism.

Extracts from this book


Reconstructionists teach that the great commission of Christ to His disciples goes beyond the work of evangelism. In their view it includes this quest for the social-political dominion of the world; the persuading of all nations to submint to the rule of Israel's ancient laws. Dominion is a much used term among reconstructionists, and it means exactly what it says - that Christians are to seek dominion over all human society during this present 'kingdom' age. Reconstructionist teaching is commonly called 'dominion theology'.
Reconstructionism is proving to be powerfully captivating to numbers of Christians, and also highly damaging to their New Testament perspectives. Where it takes root it seems to 'upstage' evangelism and preocupy its devotees with endless discussion of social, economic, educational and political theories. In many cases it leads in a subtle way to rampant worldliness...


Table of Contents


1. Describing Reconstructionism
2. The Founding Authors
3. The Crucial Error
4. The Limited Scope of Sundry Laws
5. The Church Not to Run the World
Appendix 1 Matthew 5.17-18
Appendix 2 Dominion Theology, Blessing or Curse?
Appendix 3 Theonomy: A Reformed Critique




Author Peter Masters
ISBN 9781870855167
Publisher Wakeman Trust
Binding Paperback
Pages 55