Gleanings from Elisha

A W Pink

A W Pink (1886-1952) has come to be regarded as one of the giants of expository writing. His printed ministry began in 1922 with a small-circulation magazine, Studies in the Scriptures. After his death these studies were issued as books by major Christian publishers, becoming immensely popular both with preachers and devotional readers.


Having held a number of pastorates, A W Pink possessed a powerful grasp of pastoral writing. All his works reflect his deep understanding of the operation of Scripture and the hermeneutical science of the Puritans. His sympathetic handling of characters and events, and his surefooted skill in applying the spiritual ‘parallels’ of Old Testament history, yield more observations and applications per page than all other modern commentaries. He gleans not only from the Bible, but from the very best of the old divines.
The Gleanings volumes have all been reprinted many times. They continue to be of inestimable value to preachers and other message-preparers. They also provide the very best personal devotional reading.

Table of Contents

Gleanings From Elisha
1. Elisha's Life and Miracles
2. His Call
3. His Testings
4. First Miracle - Passage Through Jordan
5. Second Miracle - Salt-healed Water
6. Third Miracle - Two Avenging Bears
7. Fourth Miracle - Valley of Ditches
8. Fifth Miracle - A Pot of Oil
9. Sixth Miracle - A Great Woman
10. Seventh Miracle - A Child Restored
11. Seventh Miracle - His Mother's Faith
12. Eighth Miracle - Meal-healed Pottage
13. Ninth Miracle - Twenty Loaves of Barley
14. Tenth Miracle - Naaman the Leper
15. Tenth Miracle - A Little Jewish Maid
16. Tenth Miracle - Pride in the Way
17. Tenth Miracle - Too Simple a Remedy
18. Tenth Miracle - Complete Submission
19. Eleventh Miracle - A Wayward Servant
20. Twelfth Miracle - Floating Iron
21. Thirteenth Miracle - Eye with New Sight
22. Fourteenth Miracle - Sightless Eyes
23. Fifteenth Miracle - A Great Famine
24. Fifteenth Miracle - The Wrath of Man
25. Fifteenth Miracle - Four Leprous Men
26. Fifteenth Miracle - Glad Tidings
27. Sisteenth Miracle - The Shunammite Returns
28. Seventeenth Miracle - Death of a King
29. Elisha's Young Deputy
30. Elisha's Death


ISBN 9781870855723
Publisher Wakeman Classics
Pages 254