Booklets by Dr Masters

Published by Sword & Trowel and available from Tabernacle Bookshop

Vanity of Vanities

Presents the experience of King Solomon, who experimented with every conceivable kind of pleasure, and concluded that life is pointless and predictable, unless people seek and find the Lord God, and know His power and guidance in their lives.

ISBN 9781899046133

Also available in Spanish and Portuguese.


Your Reasonable Service - in the Lord's Work

It is a sad fact that many Bible-believing Christians do not engage in any real service for the Lord. They loyally attend meetings for worship and ministry, and often give generous financial support, but they do very little. This booklet focuses on the strong terms of exhortation to Christian service found in the New Testament.

ISBN 9781899046089


Stand for the Truth

This booklet gives the biblical arguments for separation from false teaching, and shows the positive value of this. Ten commonly-heard arguments in defence of 'inclusivism' (co-operating in Bible-denying denominations, or with false teachers in evangelism, etc) are answered.

ISBN 9781899046119


The Power of Prayer Meetings

Why does the Lord want believers to pray together? Will an undersized prayer meeting really blight the work of a church? What form should the prayer meeting ideally take? What should be the style and content of prayer?

ISBN 9781899046102

Also available in Spanish.


The Purposes of the Lord's Supper

The Saviour calls His people to observe His Supper regularly. But do we have a clear awareness of all that the Lord's Supper means? Here are nine purposes behind the Lord's Supper, providing a rich basis for thought and prayer at the Table of the Lord.

ISBN 9781899046096


Should Christians Drink?

What are the biblical arguments which have convinced the majority of Bible believers during the last two centuries that the Lord wants His people to abstain? Are alcoholic drinks right or wrong for a Christian? Why should something ‘right’ for Old Testament Israelites be ‘wrong’ for Christ’s church? What are the differences between the wines of Bible times and those of today? All who seek to honour Christ and be blessed in His service will want to consider the case set out in this booklet for abstinence. 

ISBN 9781899046379