Nearly a Christian

CH Spurgeon's 'Around the Wicket Gate'

C H Spurgeon

An updated edition of CH Spurgeon's 'Around the Wicket Gate'. Ideal for personal witness and evangelism.

From the original publisher's review of 'Around the Wicket Gate':

'The greatest of all tragedies must be that of the person who dies just outside the gate of life. They are standing, as it were, just outside the Wicket gate to the church grounds - seeing the beauty of the building, knowing the people going in - but not stepping over the threshold themselves. Almost saved but altogether lost.

This is a book of immeasurable value to those who have some knowledge of the Christian Faith but who are resisting God's call to commit their lives to him. No Christian should be without a copy, to either lend or give away to a friend or acquaintance who may be lingering at the gate.

'Around the Wicket Gate' is written in Spurgeon's unique style - sharp, penetrating, and easily readable. One of the most quoted preachers of modern times, his sermons have proved to be a blessing to millions. For someone thinking about Christianity, who has yet to accept Christ as their Saviour, reading this book could be the most important step they ever take.'

Publisher: Wakeman Trust
ISBN: 9781908919588
Pages: 66
Binding: Paperback