What is Going on in Christian Crisis Pregnancy Counselling?

Dr E S Williams

We hear of very many expectant mothers seeking abortion advice, including girls under sixteen. Dr Ted Williams, a medical doctor of long experience, and a noted specialist in the public health field, shows that Christian counselling centres have adopted a deeply compromised approach which provides non-judgemental advice that leaves in place the option of abortion.

This book will not only inform and warn, but will focus the aims of pastors and all other Christians when they are called upon to extend help to expectant mothers thinking about abortion.

Table of Contents

What is going on in Christian Crisis Pregnancy Counselling?
1. Crisis Pregnancy Counselling
2. Pro-choice Messages
3. CARE's Counselling on the Ground
4. 'Called to Care'
A Manual for Christian Pregnancy Crisis Counselling
5. CARE's Relative Morality
Making the Decision that is right for Her
6. Christian Teaching on Abortion 


ISBN 9781870855457
Publisher Wakeman Trust / Belmont House
Pages 91