Dr Masters books

Worship or Entertainment?

Where will your church be five or ten years from now? – asks the author. With the adoption of contemporary music worship many have already changed beyond recognition. Yet more will do so.

Here are four essential principles which Jesus Christ laid down for worship, and by which every new idea must be judged.

Here also is a fascinating view of how they worshipped in Bible times, including their rules for the use of instruments, and the question is answered – What does the Bible teach about the content and order of a service of worship today?

1    Is it Worship or Entertainment?
2    Three Broken Principles:
      I – Spiritual or Aesthetic Worship?
3    II – Rational or Ecstatic Worship?
4    III – Sacred or Profane Worship?
5    Let the Lord Define Worship
6    Brass, Strings and Percussion?
7    Services of Worship in the Bible
8    What Really Happened at Corinth?
9    Why Raise Hands?
10 Why Sing Hymns?
11 Seven Standards for Worthy Hymns
12 Reverence Begins in the Place of Worship
13 Forfeiting the Soul of Evangelicalism
Appendix: More on Biblical Musical Instruments

Publisher: The Wakeman Trust
Pages: 100
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 978 1 913133 05 4


Compassion for Souls - Following Christ's Approach for Witnessing to Different Types of Unbeliever

It is amazing how much detailed and practical guidance is stored in the Gospels and the Book of Acts for all who engage in personal witness and preaching. Are we aware that the Lord Jesus Christ employed distinctive strategies for different kinds of unbeliever, and that these may be studied and employed? Also the Lord regularly used several 'techniques' for opening the minds of listeners. 

Discover in this book how to approach and reason as the Lord did with spiritually ignorant and indifferent people, or with those who are self-righteous, or self-interest, or lost in atheism. 

Here is an inspiration to all to study the biblical craft of personal witness. 

Extracts from this book: 

Those who have compassion for souls hear the words of the Lord's great commission ringing in their ears, and long to see the Gospel of redeeming love spread to those around them. This book points to the Gospels and the Book of Acts as the greatest source of detailed and practical guidance for a life of witness. 

Are we aware, for example, that the Lord Jesus Christ employed distinctive strategies for different kinds of unbeliever, and that these may be studied and copied? The Lord distinguished very clearly between people who were indifferent to their spiritual state, and those who were self-righteous, using quite different approaches to each group. It is not difficult to identify these distinctive methods of Gospel presentation in the preaching and witness of both Christ and his apostles. In addition, the Lord regularly employed several 'techniques' for opening the minds of all listeners. Our Lord is not only a perfect Saviour and teacher, but a perfect example to us in all matters, and we must recognise and study the great wisdom of his methods.

Table of contents: 

1. Inspiring and Maintaining Personal Witness
2. God Really Does Use Instruments
3. Touching the Raw Nerve
4. Strategies for Different Kinds of Unbeliever
5. The Ignorant and Indifferent Person 
6. The Self-Righteous Person
7. The Self-Interested Person 
8. The Convinced Atheist 
9. Prepared for Questions 

Publisher: Wakeman Trust
Price: £5.95


The Real Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Is there a second blessing or baptism of the Spirit after conversion? Is the believer meant to struggle against sin, or does the Spirit sanctify by grace? What is the witness of the Spirit? And what is meant by the filling of the Spirit? Here are answers to all such questions with ‘proof texts’.

Ideal for all, especially new believers and study groups.

A revised version of Only One Baptism of the Holy Spirit (1994).

1  When is a Believer Baptised With the Spirit?
2  Is a Second Baptism Needed for Assurance?
3  How Does the Spirit Witness With Our Spirit?
4  The Spirit of Holiness
5  Attending the Wrong Classroom
6  Are We to Fight Sin?
7  Must We be Emptied or Broken?
8  The Filling of the Spirit
9  The Spirit’s Way
10 A Baptism of Bliss?
11  The Case of the Ephesus Twelve

Author: Peter Masters
ISBN: 978 1 908919 91 5
Publisher: Wakeman Trust
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 86



The Healing Epidemic - New condensed version

Dr Masters here answers the arguments used by healers in support of their methods. He explains Bible teaching on what demons can and cannot do, and how James 5 should be implemented in churches today.

He also proves that the conscious mind should always be switched on for spiritual activities. Included is a brilliant assessment of miraculous healing by a leading British medical professor.


Men of Destiny

Here are the lives of fourteen remarkable people having in common a personal spiritual experience which changed and moulded them.

Given to unconverted people, these biographies challenge the heart and open the way to further spiritual influence.

For the preacher, youth leader or Sunday School teacher, they provide outstanding testimonies to illustrate and enrich messages for years to come.

Watch short videos of the biographies.


Steps for Guidance

In recent years the subject of how to find God’s guidance has become controversial. Some say that God does not have a specific plan for the lives of his people, but allows us to please ourselves. Others say God’s will is known by dreams, visions, and ‘words of knowledge’.

By contrast with these sadly unbiblical ideas, this book presents the time-honoured, scriptural view that Christians must seek God’s will in all the major decisions of life, such as career, marriage, location, and church. Six essential steps are traced from the Bible, and principles are given on additional practical issues such as possessions and leisure activities; ambition and wealth; joining or leaving a church.

Here is a strong challenge to authentic Christian commitment, with an abundance of pastoral advice. 134 pages, paperback