God's Love for Muslims

Communicating Bible Grace and New Life

Ibrahim Ag Mohamed

This enlightening manual on reaching Muslims for Christ is presented in three sections:

The Muslim Faith, What Muslims Believe about the Christian Faith, and How to Help Muslims.

Full of vital information, it is at the same time a real 'page turner'.

Here is a wealth of counsel from a pastor with many years of experience preaching and broadcasting in a Muslim land.  It will greatly equip readers for effective witness.

Extract from this book
Today, almost everyone has an opinion about Islam.  The purpose of this book is to provide an accurate outline of the Islamic faith to Christians, and to provide a tool that will help them relate to Muslims and communicate the Gospel with informed understanding.
Table of Contents
Part 1: The Muslim Faith
What Do Muslims Believe?
What Do Muslims Practise?
Part 2: What Muslims Believe About the Christian Faith
Salvation - What Muslims Think
The Trinity - The Muslim Dilemma
The Person of the Lord Jesus Christ: Approved but Misunderstood
The Title 'Son of God' - The Great Confusion
Christ's Death on the Cross: Fact or Fiction?
The Scriptures - The Great Misconception
Was Muhammad Foretold in the Bible?
Allah - Is He the Same as God?
Part 3: How to Help Muslims
ISBN 9781899046638
Publisher: Metropolitan Tabernacle
Number of pages: 95