Lessons for Life Book 2

Jill Masters

Each of the 4 volumes in this series contains 46 lessons (supplemented with optional visual aid suggestions and drawings) ideal for home devotions or for a year's Sunday School lessons (allowing for special services and anniversaries).

All the lessons have an evangelistic emphasis, and at the same time provide a memorable view of all the major events and doctrines of the Bible. They avoid the presentation of Bible narratives as mere 'stories', so that the Word of God speaks powerfully to the young, pressing home the great arguments and appeals of the Gospel.



Series 7 - The Christian Pilgrimage - Salvation from Sin's Slavery (Exodus to Joshua - Part 1)
Series 8 - People who followed Jesus (Luke's Gospel - Part 1)
Series 9 - The Christian Pilgrimage - Pictures of Salvation and Heaven (Exodus to Joshua - Part 2)
Series 10 - Gospel Appeals in the Saviour's Parables (Luke's Gospel - Part 2)
Series 11 - Judgement and Deliverance (Joshua to 1 Samuel)