Probing Heaven

Key Questions on the Hereafter

John Gilmore

This is certainly our favourite book on Heaven and the afterlife. In a clear and rich manner the author deals with questions ranging from the location and nature of Heaven, the occupation of the saints, and the presence of humour, to the existence of Heaven and issues such as rewards, equality, growth, ownership, memory and recognition. From the pen of a reformed pastor in Cincinnati, this has passed through four best-selling editions. In a compelling manner Dr Gilmore also presents the amillenial case. The author has a relaxed and easy style, and includes very many thought-provoking reflections. A first-rate study, stirring anticipation, and definitely a suggestive book for preachers.

Table of Contents

Probing Heaven - Key Questions on the Hereafter
Part 1
1. But Isn't Revelation Too Difficult to Follow?
Part 2
2. Is There a Heaven?
3. Is Heaven Created?
4. Where is Heaven?
5. What is Heaven Like?
6. Who Will Be in Heaven?
7. Is Heaven Delayed at Death?
8. Time in Heaven?
9. What Shall We Do in Heaven?
10. Shall We Rest Eternally in Heaven?
11. Is Heaven Earned?
12. Can We Be Sure of Going to Heaven?
Part 3
13. Sex in Heaven?
14. Humour in Heaven?
15. Equality in Heaven?
16. Growth in Heaven?
17. Ownership in Heaven?
18.. Memory in Heaven?
19. Recognition in Heaven?
20. Is Heaven Reincarnation?
Appendix: Is the Millenium Heaven?


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