available translations

The Available Translations booklet brings together, for the first time, a list of translated books and booklets currently available in London. It has been devised for all those who wish to share the Gospel and Biblical truths with friends and contacts from around the world. 

Available Translations BookletDr Peter Masters' books and booklets have been translated into over 25 languages, with new translations being completed all the time.

Please download the booklet for full details on all of the titles available in London at present from the Tabernacle Bookshop.

We have listed some of the key titles below for your interest.



Baptist Confession of Faith, 1689 Baptism Conscience Seeker Rebellious YearsLessons for Life 1 Seven Certain Signs

Bengali                          Chinese

Lessons for Life 1 Lessons for Life 2         Healing EpidemicHoly WarThe FaithCharismatic PhenomenonSeven Certain Signs

Dutch                           Farsi (Persian) (Iran, Afghanistan)

Not Like Any Other BookSeven Certain Signs        Power of Prayer Meetings A Seekers Problems The Healing EpidemicBaptismSeven Certain Signs

 French                                                               German

Lessons for Life 1 Seven Certain Signs How to Seek and Find the Lord Vanity of Vanities         New CalvinismPhysicians of SoulsGod's Rules for Holiness

Greek          Hungarian                                   Indonesian

Seven Certain Signs     Baptist Confession of Faith, 1689Healing EpidemicStand for the Truth     Baptist Confession of Faith, 1689

Korean                                                                Maltese

Physicians of Souls Steps for Guidance How to Seek and Find the Lord A Seekers Problems          ConscienceRebellious Years Vanity of Vanities     

Nepali                                                                 Polish

Worship in the Melting PotCharismatic Phenomenon Not Like Any Other Book Do We Have a Policy?             Stand for the Truth A Seeker's Problems Seven Certain Signs


Worship in the Melting Pot How to Seek and Find the Lord Vanity of Vanities Seven Certain Signs The Necessity of Sunday Schools Building an Outreach Sunday School Lessons for Life 1    


Physicians of the SoulSteps for GuidanceThe Ten CommandmentsBiblical Strategies for Witness Lessons for Life 1Should Christians Drink? Remember the Lord's Day


Charles Spurgeon Biography Charismatic Phenomenon Men of Destiny Steps for Guidance Worship in the Melting Pot Do We Have a Policy?Lessons for Life 4

Serbian                                             Shona (Zimbabwe, Mozambique)

Unseen World Building an Outreach Sunday School Lessons for Life 1         Baptist Confession of Faith, 1689 Joshua's Conquest How to Seek and Find the Lord

Slovak                                                Spanish

Do We have a Policy? Baptism Remember the Lord's Day        Church Membership Faith, Doubts, Trials and Assurance Charismatic Phenomenon Not Like Any Other Book

Tamil (South India, Sri Lanka)                      Telugu            Urdu 

Should Christians Drink?Seven Certain SignsYour Reasonable ServiceLessons for Life 1         Lessons for Life 1           Seven Certain Signs Charismatic Phenomenon

Details of completed translations will appear in the Sword & Trowel and on the Wakeman Trust website.