Sermons on Revelation

30 Oct 2019
Bible Study by Dr Peter Masters

Why John is given a vision of the reigning Lord in biblical symbols, rather than a true resemblance, and how each symbol shows the true attitude of worship in church or in personal devotion, serving as a tonic for real appreciation of Christ and communion with Him.

4 Jul 2012
Bible Study by Dr Peter Masters

The biblical model for worship (so often overturned today) and the vital ingredients to be included in prayers and hymns. Here also is a swift review of our 300-year hymn genre and its towering superiority in doctrine, depth, quality and music over contemporary songs.

Christian Loyalty Revelation 3.6
20 Jun 2012
Bible Study by Dr Peter Masters

Compromising Sardis and faithful Philadelphia are here contrasted. Doctrine was right, but the 'works' of Sardis were its ruin, doubtless because members accommodated in their lives idolatry. Today the equivalent is worldliness in personal life and in worship. Which church do we resemble?

How God Sees Us Revelation 3.14
30 Oct 2011
Gospel sermon by Dr Peter Masters

The world's worst tyrants turn out to be insecure hypochondriacs, because people are never what they seem. And nor are we the people we often think we are. Here is God's diagnosis of our problems, and His unspeakably gracious remedy, securing our eternal happiness

The Call of Christ Revelation 3.19-20
8 Aug 2010
Gospel sermon by Dr Peter Masters

A person's life is like a house in need of renovation, and Christ stands outside, the door being fastened with huge bolts, which are the reason why we resist His entry. Will we hear His call and loose the bolts?

The Door of the Soul Revelation 3.20
29 Mar 2020
Gospel sermon by Dr Peter Masters

Christ's famous words of hope to a gravely backslidden church lacking spiritual life apply to all people in need of reconciliation with God.  Here is the Saviour's famous illustration of the barrier between us and Himself, removed by trusting in Him and His saving work and atoning love.

Our Resistance to God Revelation 3.20
4 Dec 2016
Gospel sermon by Dr Peter Masters

Christ's own call to consider the needs of the soul, to see our spiritual predicament and our need of Him. Here are the reasons why we lock the door of the heart against Him and resist every divine approach, and here is the momentous experience of yielding to Him.

23 Oct 2013
Bible Study by Dr Peter Masters

A scan of events and trends which are to occur in society and in churches as the end of the age draws near, taken from Revelation, Christ's words in Matthew 24, and also from 2 Thessalonians 2 and 2 Timothy 3. Also: how believers should react and respond to these.

How God Keeps Records Revelation 20.12
26 May 2013
Gospel sermon by Dr Peter Masters

The infinite and eternal God is a personal God who knows all things, and has a record of all human conduct, including thoughts, words, acts, and motives. Here is the biblical teaching, especially on the 'book of life' and who is listed in it.

Life's Destination Revelation 21.2
27 Mar 2016
Gospel sermon by Dr Peter Masters

In striking symbolic language, John shows a new heavenly realm prepared for the eternal future of all who find the Lord while on earth, providing insights into that astounding realm, and speaking of the terms of entry, at the end of life's journey.