Sermons on Ecclesiastes

The Purpose of Life Ecclesiastes 3.1
22 Apr 2018
Gospel sermon by Dr Peter Masters

An acclaimed and magnificent jewel of poetic literature by Solomon shows that we are not free, but subject in all things to forces outside our control. Then, by a parable, he shows how conversion to God is the way to real freedom and purpose.

Real Freedom in Life Ecclesiastes 3.1-8
20 Nov 2011
Gospel sermon by Dr Peter Masters
King Solomon demonstrates in a famous and remarkable masterpiece of literature how trapped and limited we are, dominated by the events of life. But freedom is available to us, and limitations are removed, when a new spiritual dimension is received into our life.
Chief Lies About Life Ecclesiastes 5.1
14 Jun 2015
Gospel sermon by Dr Peter Masters

King Solomon long ago named the six main false ideas about the human race and its viability without the need of God. These are still the basis of confident unbelief, even though repeatedly proved mistaken. Here is how knowing Christ solves everything.

11 Mar 2018
Gospel sermon by Dr Peter Masters

One of the greatest problems of mankind is an upside-down estimation of good and bad, desirable and undesirable, here challenged by King Solomon pleading for a spiritual view of life, without which we will never seek or find God. Here are his 'shock' arguments.

Wisdom or Folly? Ecclesiastes 8.1
25 Feb 2018
Gospel sermon by Dr Peter Masters

Who is truly wise and understanding? - asks King Solomon.  'The Preacher' answering the question in a series of unusual and striking illustrations, showing the necessity of finding the eternal purpose of earthly life, and coming to know and walk with God.

29 Jun 2014
Gospel sermon by Dr Peter Masters

Miniature parables or illustrations (from King Solomon) showing our condition when we try to live without God, and why we need Him. Here also are life's spiritual dangers - what we lose without God, and what is gained when we come to Him for new life.

How God Views Unbelievers Ecclesiastes 10.16-20
6 Jul 2014
Gospel sermon by Dr Peter Masters

Another group of compelling and intriguing illustrations from Solomon showing how we appear to God when we live without desiring or seeking Him. Here too, are God's persuasive appeals to wanderers to approach Him, and to discover His life-changing power and companionship.

Live While You Can Ecclesiastes 12.1
20 Dec 2015
Gospel sermon by Dr Peter Masters

'Remember thy Creator', said the billionaire king whose attempts to make atheism and self-indulgence work all failed him. Here is his counsel to learn about God and grace while there is time for this to transform us and fill our lives here, and prepare us for eternity.