Sermons on Genesis

15 Jan 2014
Bible Study by Dr Peter Masters

A new series in Genesis. Why God phased creation over six days; why the particular order; the full glories of light; the higher purpose of night; the picture of a divine craftsman working to the pinnacle of all - mankind. How the literal view deepens faith.

22 Jan 2014
Bible Study by Dr Peter Masters

Proving there are no contradictions between Genesis 1 and 2; the Sabbath established, and its purpose; the Garden located; its central trees; the covenant test of man; the profound method for forming the woman and its lessons for marriage throughout time.

Precious Marriage Texts Genesis 2.24 et al
2 Mar 2016
Bible Study by Dr Peter Masters

Marriage at the beginning established for all time; man’s headship in the light of the equality of men and women before God; marriage as a covenant; the nobility of the unmarried; the way of courtship; a husband’s duties and the divine promise of 1 Peter 3.7.

5 Jul 2017
School of Theology lecture by Dr Peter Masters

The Bible is a book of ‘reformations’ from beginning to end. One of the great cables or themes running through its narratives is the calling out of the world of the people of God, their (repeated) re-absorption over time by the wiles of the devil, and their victorious reclamations as a distinctive people. [School of Theology address]

29 Jan 2014
Bible Study by Dr Peter Masters

The arrival of guilt and sin, shame and conscience. The serpent's method then (and now), the choice of disobedience, the compound sin, the consequences, the beginning of enmity between the church and world, and the Gospel of the promised seed; with observations and application.

16 Sep 2012
Gospel sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The Bible presents the only meaningful explanation of the source of evil behaviour in the world, showing that it stems from wilful independence from God, and self-indulgence. Here is how it began, its extensiveness, its effects, and how, amazingly, people may be forgiven and restored by God.
12 Feb 2014
Bible Study by Dr Peter Masters

As Genesis 3 foretold, the ages-long history of hostility of the world toward the church begins, Abel then Seth representing the godly. Here also is the first death, God's call of mercy to Cain, the warning, the curse, and the defiance of unbelief.

16 Oct 2016
Gospel sermon by Dr Peter Masters

From the beginning to the end of the Bible, the way of finding Almighty God never changes. Remarkably, the life of Cain so long ago shows the same bitter resistance to God that we maintain until the day we turn to Him for free forgiveness.

19 Feb 2014
Bible Study by Dr Peter Masters

By Noah's time the church of Adam and Seth had so degenerated that it became intertwined with the world - the line of Cain, and the moral breakdown of both was complete. Heroic Noah and family would alone survive. Here are the lessons of the Flood.

26 Feb 2014
Bible Study by Dr Peter Masters

In this historical event is the first imperative 'come' of the Bible, a rich type of faith, judgement to come, grace and eternal security. Here too are attributes of God, persisting human depravity, and the theme running through Scripture - the gulf between the world and the church.