Experiencing God's Love

Romans 5.5
Sunday Morning 10 May 2015 Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
"And hope maketh not ashamed; because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us."

Realisation of God's love for us is given by the Spirit first through a profound sight of Calvary, and the price paid for contemptuous sinners. Such great love, we see, can never be withdrawn. Then we receive melting insights of His love during reflection, prayer and praise.

It is vital to reflect upon the love of Christ, not only because it assures your heart, not only because everything within you wells up with appreciation, but because it moves you to greater holiness and service and devotedness and study of him. It is the energy of your spiritual life, for that realisation of the love of Christ to you. It is not an indulgence, it melts you, it humbles you, it brings you to be indebted to him and to love him all the more in return and to serve him.
You deny yourself so often any special sight of, or feeling of, the love of Christ if you never reflect. And this is not a reflective age. This is an age, this is a period of history in which so much is coming at us on the media, by radio and television, by the busyness of life. We are city people, it is an ever active, busy, intrusive environment, and the first casualty is reflection. Just thinking, talking with loved ones, with those close to you, with fellow believers, but personally, quietly reflecting on the great love of God to me, not just to us, but to me.
And go through the planks of reasoning - he loved me in my wretchedness and contempt for him and indifference. He loved me so much as to go to Calvary, such great love can never waver or diminish. He is the God who loves his people, has an interest in us, designs and plans for us, comforts, strengthens us...