Welcome to the Online Sunday School

All children and young people are welcome to watch our online Sunday School lessons. We pray they will be a blessing to you.

If you attend a Metropolitan Tabernacle Sunday School in London (at the Tabernacle, Brixton Branch, Surrey Gardens or Surrey Square), please register every time you watch a lesson. Once Sunday School and Bible Classes resume, prizes will be awarded to regular watchers. Brothers and sisters should register one after the other.

This week's lesson for Younger Children
The Word to Me

King Joash (2 Chronicles 22.10 - 24.27)

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This week's lesson for Teenagers
The Fickle Crowds

Many Repent on the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2)

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Previous lessons
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To the Kings Asa and Jehoshaphat (2 Chronicles 14 - 20)

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The People of Jerusalem Go Back on their Vows (Nehemiah 13.4-31)

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For younger children: The Word of God - The Holy Bible

A Remarkable Book (Psalm 119.105)

For teenagers: Kindness

The Wall of Jerusalem Completed (Nehemiah 8 - 12)

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For younger children: Walking on the Sea

Matthew 14.13-33

For teenagers: Determination and Courage

Nehemiah Works On, Despite the Enemy's Schemes (Nehemiah 4-7)

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