The Book of Revelation

Of the three great ‘secrets’ fully unveiled in the New Testament this book is the third – revealed by Christ. It is the explanation of the great struggle between the church and the world throughout the Gospel age. Here is great wisdom and discernment for us.

(17 audio sermons)

The Gospel of John

A comprehensive study of the Gospel of John, which expounds Christ’s glorious character and work – His person, His saving work, His compassion, His power, His obedience, His suffering and His victorious resurrection. Also included are three sermons from the Book of Exodus and the Gospel of Mark, expanding the Lord’s prayer for His people – ‘Sanctify them through Thy truth’.

The Role of Faith in Spiritual Endeavour

A series on the book of Joshua, with literal history showing many pastoral parallels for our spiritual lives today.

Wisdom for Life

A series of Bible studies examining the Book of Proverbs – not a book of diverse and disconnected ‘morals and maxims’ but a book of great depth and spiritual application, dealing with profound themes of the Christian life.

The Hand of God in Life

A series of studies on the book of Daniel. Everything in Daniel’s exceptional life and ministry arose from his first test on arrival in Babylon. This, with later tests, and his revelations, maintained him for 70 years at the top of an empire, for the preservation of Zion, and for imparting unique prophecies on historic eras and the last times. Here is biblical faithfulness at its noblest.

A Compendium of Conduct in 1 Thessalonians

A sermon series on 1 Thessalonians, showing the Holy Spirit’s profound instruction for the Christian life through the Apostle Paul.

Sermons on 2 Peter

In his second letter, the Apostle Peter expounds the great themes of Christian character, where spiritual realities are visible in the life. Here is true faith, knowledge, grace, spiritual discernment, peace and faithfulness.

Surprising Topics from Leviticus

A series of studies unfolding the book of Leviticus, including Christian distinctiveness, the ongoing message of the feasts, the holiness of God, legitimate worship and true repentance.

The Dissolving of Doubts

A Bible study series preached at the Tabernacle in April-June 2017: ‘The Dissolving of Doubts’, a phrase taken from Daniel 5.12 meaning the untangling of knots.

Sermons on Acts

Luke’s magnificent inspired record of the first decade of the church provides far more than history. Here are doctrines, duties, patterns for church life, methods and priorities, joined with examples of faith and patience in both blessing and persecution.

Extraordinary Psalms of David

A series of studies on extraordinary psalms — psalms that are special or distinctive in some way. These unique psalms record David’s prayers for many striking and individual themes that require our attention, including sanctification, guidance, spiritual dependence and greater communion.

Christ’s Lessons to His Disciples

The Lord’s ‘seminary course’ for His future apostles. This series of 13 Bible study messages looks at passages addressed exclusively to His disciples.

Sermons on Ezekiel

A series of Bible studies on the Book of Ezekiel.

Sermons on Romans

A series of teaching sermons on Paul’s Epistle to the Romans.

Sermons on 2 Timothy

A series of teaching sermons on Paul’s Second Epistle to Timothy.

Sermons on Numbers

A series of Bible studies on the Book of Numbers.

Sermons on Exodus

A series of Bible studies on the Book of Exodus.

Sermons on Genesis

God, the divine craftsman, created the world, paradise and man in six days. Yet we are presented with the only meaningful explanation of evil in the world. Here is the promise of a Saviour from The Fall to Jacob’s death, the ongoing separation of the church and the world, and the great doctrines of the faith from the beginning of time.

The Last Sermons of Moses

Sermons on Deuteronomy. Moses’ last messages to the people. Despite being over 3,500 years old, Moses’ sermons contain remarkable exhortations, encouragements and deep counsels that are of great relevance to God’s people today.

Faith in the Book of Judges

Sermons on Judges. Today, many commentators describe Judges as a gloomy book full of apostasy and woe. Surely not. See here God’s deliverance’s through these great men of faith.

Spiritual Lessons – Samuel to Solomon

Here is the start of a new order and revival of public prophecy. See here the many pictures of Christ as seen through Samuel, David and Solomon. Also the peoples’ demand for a king.

Spiritual Lessons – Elijah and Elisha

Sermons on 1 and 2 Kings. An obscure prophet explodes on to the scene. Here are wonderful lessons and spiritual illustrations for God’s people, from two of the most notable prophets in the Word of God.

Recovery from Spiritual Decline

Sermons on Nehemiah. Jerusalem is in a poor state, leading Nehemiah to prayer. Here see Nehemiah ‘call’ to the civic and spiritual recovery of the land and the entry of the enemy.

The Prophecies of Jeremiah

The prophet Jeremiah’s great message was unchanging. It was the great warning of the judgement that would come on Jerusalem, but also about restoration. Here see the subtlety of his prophecy’s and listen to the great appeals made for the benefit of our souls.

Portrait of the Prophets

Here are sermons on the Old Testament prophets. Examine the amazing prophecies of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Hosea and all of God’s messengers. See also the the reigns of King Hezekiah and Josiah – Judah’s last good King.

Sermons on 1 Corinthians

A series in this remarkable epistle, full of doctrinal, devotional and practical issues.

Sermons on Galatians

Written AD 50-53, Galatians is possibly the earliest of the Apostle Paul’s epistles.

Sermons on Philippians

Sermons on Philippians. This is truly an epistle of love, also shedding much light on how to apply the Word of life to the practical service of Christ.

Examples of ‘Seeing’ Faith

Sermons on Hebrews. A majestic letter showing the glory of Christ, and how the Old Testament ceremonial is fulfilled in Him. Here are those who walked with the Lord, and how we may also.

Sermons on James

From the Pastor of the church at Jerusalem came the first of all New Testament epistles.