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The Strategy of Resurrection

John 20.1

It is clear the resurrection was completely unexpected by the disciples. Here is how it came, first by gentle intimation, then with a caution, then as a proof of Christ's successful atonement, and then as a command to trust in the living Lord.

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The Primacy of Christ's Resurrection

1 Corinthians 15.20
Good Friday

Aspects of Calvary

John 19.1

The outward aspects of Calvary show the very evil for which the Lord atoned (on behalf of the redeemed). We see vividly portrayed His humiliation, along with human dishonesty, rejection of Himself, corruption and theft. For all these He paid an indescribable price inwardly. 

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The Trials of Christ

John 18.10

The Gospel of John here reveals the repeated failure in understanding and loyalty of a representive disciple, the deep dishonesty of the Jewish leaders, and the unwavering purpose and dignity of the Son of God throughout the multiple unjust, overnight hearings leading to Calvary.

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Sudden and Unexpected Conversion

Luke 23.42

As Christ hung on the cross in agony of body and soul, making atonement for all who are saved, a criminal executed alongside Him began to see Him in a new light, and yielded his life to Him. Here is that 'model' conversion, and what was involved. 

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Christian Distinctives

John 17.18

In the course of this great 'high priestly' prayer, the Lord reveals the purpose of the Christian calling, the vital distinctives of a true Christian faith, and the Christian's future destiny. Then the hour of redemptive work arrives, and He proceeds so calmly to Calvary.