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The New Messianic Order

John 10.1

Six months before Calvary the Lord uses the Good Shepherd allegory to portray salvation and the new church order. Here is the contrast between Satan's 'shepherds' and the Lord. Here also is the call of the Gospel, and the gifts of salvation bestowed by Christ.

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The Greatest Discovery in the World

Matthew 13.44-46

The short parables of the treasure hidden in a field and the pearl of great price proclaim the discovery of Christ, salvation and His superiority over everything else sought after on earth. Here is the person and work of Christ, and the experience of finding Him. 

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Seeing Christ at Work

John 9.1

Announced by Christ as a demonstration of His saving work, picturing repentance as central to saving faith. Also here is a statement of commission to successive believers, a view of Christ's divine attributes, and a glimpse of the demise of the Jewish priesthood.

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Spiritual Self-Harm

Proverbs 21.7

Bandits raiding the trade routes of the biblical world paid a price in wounds and death at the hands of militia. Solomon applies their lifestyle to the spiritual cost of disdaining the Lord. Here are the blessings lost by neglect, or gained by coming to Christ.

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Practical Religion

Psalm 100
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God’s Perfect Gift

James 1.17