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The Era of the Spirit

John 16.1

Christ speaks of the Spirit's work convicting of sin (unbelief being the crowning sin), convincing of the perfection of Christ and our dependence on Him, and convincing of the judgement to come. As these things were preached, the Spirit would convict and convince souls.

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When Christ Enters In

Colossians 1.27

Paul gives a unique definition of conversion as the entry of Christ into a life, and here is the explanation of what this means, how Christ's work in us is carried out, and how we are changed and enriched for life and eternity. 

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Our Unshakeable Inheritance

1 Peter 1.3
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The Riches of Salvation

Revelation 7.9-10
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The Church and the World

John 15.18

The Saviour taught that people generally, locked in the world system, whatever their surface attitude, detest Him and His message. History shows this to be so. Here are the various forms of hatred, the reasons behind them, and the biblical response of Gospel workers.

Gospel service

When God's Favour is Imparted

Numbers 6.24-25

The remarkable high priestly blessing given by God to be pronounced in Old Testament times lists the elements of spiritual life and experience given freely by God to all who sincerely seek and trust Him. Here is the substance of a true meeting with God.