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The Necessity of Revelation

Job 8 -13
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Seeking Things Above

Colossians 2.16

After dismissing the fleshly rites that heretics had begun to introduce to the church, Paul points to the 'heavenly life' and growing the graces that will be perfected in glory - deep feeling, kindness, lowliness, a servant spirit, generous love and grateful contentment.

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There They Crucified Him

Luke 23.33

Four words display the heart of Christ in redeeming souls. Here is why He could only be executed at Golgotha, why the leaders and the people supported it, why crucifixion was the only possible method of death and the unique significance of the One who died.

Bible Study

The Case Against Evangelicalism

Job 4 - 6

Eliphaz begins the attack by the so-called friends. Resenting Job's evangelical salvation, and protecting their works theology, they insist he is a hypocrite under judgement. They deny that God requires holiness - only a pass mark. With pastoral lessons from Job's first reply.

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Conquest of the Soul

Colossians 2.11

The Judaisers have tried to persuade Colossians to adopt Jewish ordinances. Paul shows they have a vastly superior circumcision of heart. The old nature is dethroned and a new installed. But old sins may re-emerge without these named precautions. Here is Paul's imagery of conquest.

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Faith Like a Samaritan

Luke 17.11