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The Church: Its Identity and Purpose

1 Peter 2.9
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The Pardoning God

Micah 7.18
Teaching service

Distinguishing Truth from Error

1 John 4.1-6

The duty to test all who teach by four standards: (1) Do they proclaim the divinity and humanity of Christ, our infallible mediator? (2) are they truly converted? (3) are they separate from the world? (4) are they bound by the authority and sufficiency of scripture? 

Gospel service

Christ's Direction For Finding Him

Luke 11.9

The Saviour's call to 'ask-seek-knock' conveys the whole message of salvation in a single illustration. Here is how to ask (with the mind) to seek (with the heart) and to knock (with the will) on the door that opens to Christ and new life. 

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What do you think of Christ?

1 Peter 2.4
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Why We must Stop Loving the World

1 John 2.15