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Four Marks and Duties of True Believers

2 Thessalonians 3.1

Authentic believers, says the apostle, pray for the Gospel in a certain way, taste opposition (and deliverance), have lively consciences to obey the Lord, and grow in new sense of His love, looking for His return. Are we consciously experiencing the features of a sincere walk?

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The Justice of God

John 5.22

Judgement Day is almost unmentionable in today's society, yet it awaits us all at the end of time. Here is the motive of God's justice, how He has made His standards known, and how Christ secures release from judgement for all who trust in Him.

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A New Year Christian Perspective

2 Thessalonians 2.13

Paul first speaks of indebtedness (here is how election should influence us); then of our experience of the call of God; then of our duty to hold the faith; then of the forms God's blessing takes, and finally of the kind of strength God imparts.

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The Fall of Man

Romans 5.12

The Scriptures exclusively explain the human condition, the presence of sin and suffering, and God's way of salvation. Here is the doctrine of the Fall - the understanding of which is the door to reality and seeking for God and conversion to Him.

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The Reason of the Hope

1 Peter 3.15
Gospel service

The Real Sinner's Prayer

Matthew 15.25