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Faith - Challenged, Exercised, Vindicated

Hebrews 11.29
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The Nearness of the Spirit

Ephesians 4.28

The apostle's appeal never to grieve the Holy Spirit. Here are the sins that do, causing Him to withdraw from (but never leave) us. Here also is what the sealing of the Spirit means for us, and the folly of undervaluing His grace.

Gospel service

Almost a Christian

Acts 26.28

King Herod Agrippa II exclaimed "almost you persuade me to be a Christian" on hearing Paul's testimony. What so gripped his mind and conscience? And why did he shy away? His reason may be ours also, if we recoil from faith in Christ.

Bible Study

Joseph's Flight To True Freedom

Genesis 39
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'Formative' Sins

Ephesians 4.25

Formative in the sense that in addition to being deeply offensive to God, they form deep roots in the character, promoting other sins and shaping the whole person, whereas new opposite virtues (performed by the Lord's help) lead to lifelong blessing and usefulness.

Gospel service

Herein is Love

1 John 4.10