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Gospel service

The Touch of Saving Faith

Mark 5.34
Teaching service

Standing in a Fallen World

1 Peter 3.8
Teaching service

The Threefold Calling

2 Thessalonians 1.11

In a single magnificent 'sovereign grace' verse, the apostle frames a prayer that three essential features of Christian living might be manifested in believing lives. Here is true conversion, plus the blessings of God's 'good pleasure', plus the divine work of building up our faith.

Gospel service

Life's Greatest Mental Block

John 7.6

The scribes of Christ's day were accomplished men, but a strange fog clouded their reaction to Him. Though amazed at His person and teaching, they refused to listen. Here is why, and how the same mental block shuts us off from God today.

Teaching service

The Necessity of Growing Faith

2 Thessalonians 1.3

Paul's short yet dazzling unfolding of end-time events written to a young church in a place of fierce opposition. Starting themes are the duty of constant praise, and the unceasing exercise of faith. Here also is Paul's introduction to the Lord's return.

Teaching service

Yielding Highest Esteem to God

Jude 1.24-25

This famous doxology of Jude urges us to hold God in highest esteem by looking back at what He has done, looking also at what He is currently doing, looking ahead to our entry into glory, and looking at His everlasting attributes. This is authentic worship.