The Pre-eminence of Christ the Lord

First – why born of a virgin? Secondly: ‘God with us’ – the Saviour’s incomparable attributes. Thirdly: why a poor family and lowly birth? Fourthly: why shepherds and what did they symbolise? Treasures of the nativity increase admiration of Christ.

Five Reasons for the Incarnation

Five of the purposes named in the Gospels by the Lord for His incarnation. Here is the confirmation of human status before God, the need to reveal God, the beginning of the full light of truth, the procuring of salvation, and the beginning of judgement.

Isaiah’s Prophecy of Christ’s Coming

Proceeding in the manner of an unfolding mystery tale, the prophet begins on the remote, rural start, and step by step, reveals the astounding coming of the Son of Man and Son of God, rising to the magnifying of His saving power and love.

Why, Why Shepherds and Angels?

Not a charming story but a series of profound and vital facts about Christ and His work. Here the questions are answered – Why shepherds? Why an angel? Why ‘good tidings’? Why the term ‘Saviour’? Why the sign of a manger and then a choir?

The Immeasurable Love of God

This best known of all Bible verses speaks of the scale of God’s love for this present disordered world. It is, of course, a love of vast compassion that sent the noblest and highest, the Eternal Son, to redeem. Here is soul-saving love.

The Speech of God

Great themes including – Christ as the Word, what it means; how He speaks by creation and in redemption; the sense in which He imparts life to all; the three needs of mankind – light, forgiveness and life; also the meaning of ‘grace for grace’.

Shepherds of Bethlehem

We cannot imagine the glory of divine light that filled the sky and hills around the shepherds when the angel of the Lord appeared, nor the praise of the only angelic choir ever heard on earth. Here we marvel and learn from what the shepherds heard and saw of Christ.