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Dr Masters' Bible study from 18th March, entitled Acts of God (Isaiah 28.1) may be found here.


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The deeper things of life are so easily crowded out today. True fulfilment and happiness depends on knowing who we are, and knowing the Lord, our Creator. Here is a collection of material to help you investigate the facts of the faith, and the possibility of walking with God.
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Sunday Evening . 5 April 2020

The Conversion of David

The Conversion of David
Psalm 8.1 Sermon by Dr Peter Masters

Israel's greatest king - David - was also a remarkable teacher, prophet and psalmist.  But it was as a youth that he found a personal relationship with the living God, and this psalm recalls the experience that changed his life and took him from shepherding to ruling.

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Sunday Evening . 29 March 2020

The Door of the Soul

The Door of the Soul
Revelation 3.20 Sermon by Dr Peter Masters

Christ's famous words of hope to a gravely backslidden church lacking spiritual life apply to all people in need of reconciliation with God.  Here is the Saviour's famous illustration of the barrier between us and Himself, removed by trusting in Him and His saving work and atoning love.

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Sunday Evening . 22 March 2020

The Tragedy of Spiritual Poverty

The Tragedy of Spiritual Poverty
Luke 12.15 Sermon by Dr Peter Masters

Christ's parable of the rich fool shows a man detached from the deeper realities of life, carried along by the here-and-now, consequently forfeiting all, and surrendering his soul to judgement. Here is the love of Christ in saving both life and soul for eternity.

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God's Love in a Pandemic

(Also available: Español, Français, Deutsch, Nederlands)

These are momentous days when we find ourselves in the midst of a worldwide ‘discipline’ or warning from God, calling us to acknowledge and seek Him. And although we shrink from the thought, this is the reason for all unexpected catastrophes, whether epidemics, floods or vast fires. The Bible says these things will come more often in the ‘last days’, when atheism abounds and people generally have no thought or prayer to their Creator.

A warning from God is not like the last judgement, because it is an expression of God’s love, urging people to turn to Him, whereas the last judgement will finally close the door of mercy for those who turn away from Him. A warning is not permanent, and God has also given mankind the skill to control it, eventually. But a warning catastrophe pulls us up and humbles us, reminding us that we are only people, and that we are in God’s hands and accountable to Him.

Coronavirus has certainly shaken us more than any other catastrophe of recent generations. The relatively gentle approach of our UK scientific elite soon gave way to radical measures as the virus defied all predictions. Mighty China shook with alarm; the grim regime of Iran was stunned; Europe was soon sent scurrying to lock-down, and the all-powerful USA was brought to cower like everyone else.

As the pandemic proceeds, significant features become apparent. It is the elderly (like the writer of this) who are most at risk – those who have had a lifetime of opportunity to honour their Creator (and may have refused). The virus seems to say to the younger people – ‘you have some opportunity left: don’t despise the longsuffering of the Lord.’ Remember that while God is love, He is also holy and just.

This may not be the last warning or discipline, although its full ‘indignation’ has not yet unfolded. Christians are praying for relief and healing for those suffering, and we are witnessing many acts of kindness among people, but it is vital that we heed the message and meaning of this pandemic. Its purpose is to call us to forgiveness and reconciliation with God, by coming to the Saviour, Jesus Christ our Lord, who has opened a way of salvation by suffering and dying for sinful people on Calvary’s cross. To trust in Him, repent of sin, and yield your life to Him, is to receive from Him a new and eternal life.

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