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Sunday 4th June, services at 11am & 6.30pm: Dr Peter Masters

Sunday 28 May 2023 | 6:30pm

Finding the Astonishing Love of God

Militant atheists caricature Christian belief, reducing it to something childish and abnormal. They seem unable to grasp anything of God's being, or the necessity, scope and kindness of His love. Here is the work of Christ, and how His love may be tasted and proved.
Sunday 28 May 2023 | 11:00am

Ambition in Believers

Beginning the final journey to Jerusalem, where He would die at Calvary, Christ spoke of His death and resurrection. Then James and John revealed their earthly ambitions. The snare of pride in God's people, how it is stimulated, its consequences and its curbs.
Wednesday 24 May 2023 | 7:30pm

Under the Direction of the Lord

'The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.'
Sunday 21 May 2023 | 6:30pm

God’s Plan for the World

David's last prayer is one of the most remarkable and detailed prophecies of the Old Testament, describing what the coming Messiah (Jesus Christ) would do for the world. Every major act of Christ is here, and what these mean for our eternal souls.
Sunday 21 May 2023 | 11:00am

Christ on Marriage and Divorce

What it means for husbands and wives to 'cleave' to each other - listing the aspects of responsibility that honour God and cement the marriage union. The tragedy of divorce and its causes. Also the real nature of headship, contrary to today's common idea.

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Paul’s Blueprint for a Worshipping Church
Dr Peter Masters

What are our aims for the shaping of our fellowship and for church growth? In every walk of life, leadership must have a definite set of objectives. Timothy knew exactly what Paul's policy was: ‘But thou hast fully known my doctrine, manner of life, purpose.’ The word translated purpose is 'prothesis' which means a plan or purpose clearly displayed.

Is Temptation (Such as Same-Sex Attraction) Sinful?
Dr Peter Masters

'But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed’ (James 1.14). We often hear it said, ‘It is not a sin to be tempted. It only becomes sin when you succumb to temptation.’ But this statement is seriously inadequate and mistaken, being contrary to many biblical passages and also to the great confessions of faith.

Are There One or Two Natures in the Christian?
Dr Peter Masters

The idea of two ­natures is, of course, only a portrayal or model or representation. It is invisible to us and mysterious, but to consider it as divided into two conflicting parts is scriptural, enabling believers to see themselves corrupted by sin, yet at the same time substantially renewed by the converting power of God.

The Dual Nature And The Duel Within
C H Spurgeon

There are in all believers two principles. The apostle speaks of the law of his mind and then of another law in his members warring against the law of his mind. The converted man is a new man in Christ Jesus, but the old nature remains within him. Often the old nature appears to be uppermost, and yet, by the grace of God, it never can be.

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The Charismatic Illusion

Peter Masters and John Whitcomb

Now with more answers to questions asked by people investigating the arguments, this veteran book contends for the biblical position on the gifts that prevailed for nearly 2,000 years before the charismatic movement came along. Here is the dynamic teaching of the Spirit that sustained true believers through dark and bright years of history.

Church Membership in the Bible

Dr Peter Masters

Christ has designed a family for his people, described here as an accomplishment of divine genius. Many questions are answered about churches and church membership in New Testament times. Next to a real walk with Christ, membership of a good church has a powerful influence on the believer.

God’s Love for Muslims

Ibrahim Ag Mohamed

This is an enlightening manual on reaching Muslims for Christ. Full of vital information, it is at the same time a real 'page turner'. Here is a wealth of counsel from a pastor with many years of experience preaching and broadcasting in a Muslim land. It will greatly equip readers for effective witness.

Deepening Discernment

Dr Peter Masters

Subtitled 'the meaning and purpose of 1 John.' Written late in the first century AD, 1 John uniquely defends the young church from the satanic influences threatening to destroy it. This is the Bible’s own manual of discernment, enabling believers to keep their faith and walk unsullied until the Lord’s return.

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