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Sunday 29th May, services at 11am & 6.30pm: Dr Peter Masters

New Calvinism Prophecy

Day of Special Studies

The Fallible Prophets of New Calvinism

Pastor Michael Beasley | Dr Peter Masters

Saturday 2nd July 2022

6:30pm | Sunday 15 May 2022

Being Without God in the World

If we have no connection with Christ we have only physical life, but no experience of spiritual life, no understanding of the purpose of life, no acceptance by God, no power to shape character, and no eternal life. Here is how Christ provides all these.
11:00am | Sunday 15 May 2022

Discerning the Biblical Message

Exodus Israelites included believers and witnessed miraculous deliverances and provisions, yet they fell into various sins. Their actions and God's responses are a pattern for later ages. It is not allegorising to draw these intended lessons (here reviewed) for avoiding sin.
7:30pm | Wednesday 11 May 2022

When God Sows Seed

Part of a series of Bible Studies entitled ‘Lessons in Faith’.
6:30pm | Sunday 8 May 2022

Is Your Soul Dead or Alive?

The Saviour's first incident of raising the dead took place at Nain, as a funeral party headed to the burial place. He showed his divinity and power, his vast compassion, and his readiness to impart spiritual life to the dormant and inactive souls of men and women.
11:00am | Sunday 8 May 2022

Self-Preparation for Service

Paul makes himself all things to all men. Here is the wrong (common today) and the right sense of his words. Then we draw applications from Paul's 'focused athlete' illustration, and his profound conception of the body as a servant of the mind.

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Articles & Books

Secondary Separation – When to Stand Apart from Biblical Error

Dr Peter Masters

It should not be forgotten that the duty of separation, whether primary or secondary, is laid upon us in the Bible by the infinite kindness of God. Far from being loveless, it is a Gospel-preserving and a church-protecting duty. It is designed for our blessing and power. It is to keep us from a thousand snares and heartaches.

Regeneration and Gospel Persuasion

Dr Peter Masters

It is the will of God that people will be consciously awakened and convicted to experience a sincere desire for God’s mercy and a change of thinking. They must see their need, and what Christ has done, and come (as the old confessions say) most freely and willingly to Jesus Christ. Certainly they will only come because there has been an imparting of life by the Spirit’s regenerating power, yet the way of conversion is conscious and willing.

Seven Voices of Calvary

Dr Peter Masters

As we come to the narrative beginning at John 12.12 and continuing to verse 29, we see a number of events and statements recorded, and we ask what they have in common. What unites them? At first we may think the verses cover important but unconnected observations, but then as we look, and look, it suddenly dawns on us that there is an unmistakable uniting factor. It is the fact that in most of these verses John is tracking the statements of seven different parties about Christ.

Against Hastening to Remove from our Post of Duty

C H Spurgeon

Do we shy away from Christian service? As the Lord’s workers we should desire to glorify Him. Christian service is not about selecting the comfortable positions and the hopeful fields; it is best to make no selection, but to yield our own will to the will of God altogether.

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The Real Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Dr Peter Masters

Is there a second blessing or baptism of the Spirit after conversion? Is the believer meant to struggle against sin, or does the Spirit sanctify by grace? What is the witness of the Spirit? And what is meant by the filling of the Spirit? Here are answers to all such questions with ‘proof texts’. Ideal for all, especially new believers and study groups.

Joshua’s Conquest

Dr Peter Masters

What is the spiritual message of Joshua’s conquest for today? How can we account for the ‘problem’ portions and passages which evoke questions on, for example, the morality of so much killing, and the apparent responsibility of God in hardening the hearts of the Canaanites?

One Among a Thousand – Interpreting in Christian settings

Andrew Owen

Although there are many interpreters in Christian settings, often working as volunteers, there is very little in print to help them. This is therefore a must-read volume. A ground-breaking book, thought-provoking and encouraging.

The Rebellious Years – The Need for Self-Understanding

Dr Peter Masters

This booklet is intended to help readers from teenage to late 20s to understand the source of the inner rebellion that urges us away from God in the ‘second quarter’ of life. Do we understand this urge to independence and unbelief – this battle of mind and soul?