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Sunday 22nd May, services at 11am & 6.30pm: Pastor Jonathan Northern, Baldock Baptist Church, Hertfordshire

New Calvinism Prophecy

Day of Special Studies

The Fallible Prophets of New Calvinism

Pastor Michael Beasley | Dr Peter Masters

Saturday 2nd July 2022

6:30pm | Sunday 15 May 2022

Being Without God in the World

If we have no connection with Christ we have only physical life, but no experience of spiritual life, no understanding of the purpose of life, no acceptance by God, no power to shape character, and no eternal life. Here is how Christ provides all these.
11:00am | Sunday 15 May 2022

Discerning the Biblical Message

Exodus Israelites included believers and witnessed miraculous deliverances and provisions, yet they fell into various sins. Their actions and God's responses are a pattern for later ages. It is not allegorising to draw these intended lessons (here reviewed) for avoiding sin.
7:30pm | Wednesday 11 May 2022

When God Sows Seed

Part of a series of Bible Studies entitled ‘Lessons in Faith’.
6:30pm | Sunday 8 May 2022

Is Your Soul Dead or Alive?

The Saviour's first incident of raising the dead took place at Nain, as a funeral party headed to the burial place. He showed his divinity and power, his vast compassion, and his readiness to impart spiritual life to the dormant and inactive souls of men and women.
11:00am | Sunday 8 May 2022

Self-Preparation for Service

Paul makes himself all things to all men. Here is the wrong (common today) and the right sense of his words. Then we draw applications from Paul's 'focused athlete' illustration, and his profound conception of the body as a servant of the mind.

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Articles & Books

The Pattern for the Church

Dr Peter Masters

When we speak of the sufficiency of Scripture, we mean that the Word of God provides all that we need to know in order to be saved, to be sanctified, to worship, and to organise and operate the church of God (2 Timothy 3.16-17).

Five Keys to God’s Law

Dr Peter Masters

There is nothing quite like the Ten Commandments for stimulating progress in sanctification, once our minds are primed to see all that they teach. In the New Testament we read that keeping them is an act of love to Christ (John 14.15), and also the basis of assurance (1 John 3.18-19). This article will follow the five biblical keys as its method of unlocking the riches of the ‘royal law’. 

The Dissolving of Doubts

Dr Peter Masters

There is a verse in 1 John 5 which is written for those who doubt whether they have been forgiven and saved by God. It is directed to those who have trusted in Christ, but do not feel that anything has come of it. It is also written to those who have previously been sure of their salvation, but have lost that certainty to some degree, and may even feel it has been a delusion.

A Musician’s Perspective on Contemporary Christian Music

Neil McGovern

This article briefly looks at some of the reasons why certain musics are inappropriate for the dignified worship of Almighty God. The focus here is on the music itself rather than the lyrics or the statements and antics of secular pop artists.

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Worship or Entertainment?

Dr Peter Masters

Where will your church be five or ten years from now? – asks the author. With the adoption of contemporary music worship many have already changed beyond recognition. Yet more will do so. Here are four essential principles which Jesus Christ laid down for worship, and by which every new idea must be judged.

Compassion for Souls

Dr Peter Masters

It is amazing how much detailed and practical guidance is stored in the Gospels and the Book of Acts for all who engage in personal witness and preaching. Are we aware that the Lord Jesus Christ employed distinctive strategies for different kinds of unbeliever, and these may be studied and employed?

Great Hymns & Psalms of the Faith – CD recording

Metropolitan Tabernacle

The glories of ‘traditional’ praise are often swept aside by ‘contemporary’ compositions lacking depth and spiritual quality. This selection of 26 well-known hymns includes many sung to tunes of recent composition, or older tunes revived in recent years. All are from the Metropolitan Tabernacle Sunday services. Here is inspiring, heartfelt worship by believers of all nationalities.

Baptism – the Picture and its Purpose

Dr Peter Masters

The Lord insists on baptism. Why? Here is the fourfold pictorial message of baptism intended by God for the believer, the church, and the world. And here also are the biblical reasons why baptism is for believers only, by immersion.