Worship or Entertainment?

Dr Peter Masters

Where will your church be five or ten years from now? – asks the author. With the adoption of contemporary music worship many have already changed beyond recognition. Yet more will do so. Here are four essential principles which Jesus Christ laid down for worship, and by which every new idea must be judged.

Paul’s Ten Point Design for Church Health and Growth

Dr Peter Masters

What are our aims for the shaping and growth of our church? Do we have an agenda of objectives? The apostle Paul had a very definite purpose, using a Greek word which means 'a plan or strategy visibly displayed'. Here are ten policies, gleaned from Paul's teaching, all of which are essential for the health and growth of a church.

The Real Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Dr Peter Masters

Is there a second blessing or baptism of the Spirit after conversion? Is the believer meant to struggle against sin, or does the Spirit sanctify by grace? What is the witness of the Spirit? And what is meant by the filling of the Spirit? Here are answers to all such questions with ‘proof texts’.

The Meaning and Purpose of the Book of Job

Dr Peter Masters

The chief theme of Job is salvation by grace alone, but this 'patriarchal Bible' reveals many other topics, including the attributes of God, especially His sovereignty, the errors of 'works' religion, the aims of Satan, the purpose of suffering, the vulnerabilities of the believer and his ultimate blessing from God.

Compassion for Souls

Dr Peter Masters

It is amazing how much detailed and practical guidance is stored in the Gospels and the Book of Acts for all who engage in personal witness and preaching. Are we aware that the Lord Jesus Christ employed distinctive strategies for different kinds of unbeliever, and these may be studied and employed?

Popular Christian life titles

God’s Rules for Holiness

Dr Peter Masters

Taken at face value the Ten Commandments are binding on all people, and will guard the way to Heaven, so that evil will never spoil its glory and purity. But the Commandments are far greater than their surface meaning, as this book shows. They challenge us as Christians on a wide range of sinful deeds and attitudes, and give immense…

The Lord’s Pattern for Prayer

Dr Peter Masters

This volume is almost a manual on prayer, providing a real spur to the devotional life. The Lord's own agenda for prayer - carefully amplified - takes us into the presence of the Father. Here too are remedies for problems, how to intercede for others, why God keeps us waiting for answers, and the nature of the prayer of faith.

Hallmarks of Christian Character

Dr Peter Masters

Here are great themes for the Christian life. Beginning with the foundation of humility, these pages show the real pilgrimage shared by true Christians, their outgoing helpfulness, their closeness to God, their attitude to serving the Lord, their happiness and their access to the power of the Spirit.

Faith, Doubts, Trials, Assurance

Dr Peter Masters

Ongoing faith is essential for the believer. How can it be strengthened? How should doubts be handled? What is the biblical attitude to trials? How can we tell if troubles are for chastisement or refinement? How can we obtain assurance? Exactly how is the Lord's presence felt?

Church Membership in the Bible

Dr Peter Masters

Christ has designed a family for his people, described here as an accomplishment of divine genius. Many questions are answered about churches and church membership in New Testament times. Next to a real walk with Christ, membership of a good church has a powerful influence on the believer.

The Personal Spiritual Life

Dr Peter Masters

From the indwelling of the Holy Spirit to a life of commitment these chapters stir and encourage readers to advance spiritually. How may we ‘feel’ the presence of the Lord? What was Paul’s method for progress in holiness? And how may we sustain spiritual joy? These are among the themes of this tonic for present-day disciples of Christ.

Steps for Guidance

Dr Peter Masters

Recently the subject of discerning God’s guidance has become controversial. Some say that God has no plan for us, allowing us to please ourselves. Others say God’s will is known by dreams or visions. By contrast, this book presents the scriptural view that Christians must seek God’s will in all major life decisions, such as career, marriage and church.

The Faith

Dr Peter Masters

This is a popular, non-technical sweep through key themes of the Christian faith, highlighting many inspiring and enlivening points. It often takes an oblique and unusual approach to a topic to bring out the full significance. It is designed to be enjoyed by seasoned Christians and also by all who want to explore the great features of the faith.

Vital issues for today

Not Like Any Other Book

Dr Peter Masters

A new approach to interpretation has gripped many evangelical seminaries and Bible colleges, an approach based on the ideas of unbelieving critics, stripping the Bible of God's message and leaving pastors impoverished in their preaching.

Physicians of Souls

Dr Peter Masters

'Compelling, convicting, persuasive preaching, revealing God's mercy and redemption to dying souls, is seldom heard today. The noblest art ever granted to our fallen human race has almost disappeared.' Even where the free offer of the Gospel is treasured in principle, regular evangelistic preaching has become a rarity, contends the author.

Devotional/Bible study

The Mutual Love of Christ and His People

Dr Peter Masters

An explanation of the Song of Solomon for personal devotions and Bible study groups. The courtship of the Song of Solomon is designed to show the love of Christ for His redeemed people, and theirs for Him. Here, also, are lessons for Christians when they become cold or backslidden, showing the way to recover Christ's presence in their lives.

Joshua’s Conquest

Dr Peter Masters

What is the spiritual message of Joshua's conquest for today? How can we account for the 'problem' portions and passages which evoke questions on, for example, the morality of so much killing, and the apparent responsibility of God in hardening the hearts of the Canaanites?

History and biography

Men of Destiny

Dr Peter Masters

Here are the biographies of fourteen people sharing a personal spiritual experience which changed them. Given to unconverted people, they challenge the heart and open the way to further spiritual influence. For the preacher, youth leader or Sunday School teacher, they provide illustrations to enrich messages for years to come.

Men of Purpose

Dr Peter Masters

An inspirational book for young people for almost 40 years. Strongly recommended by the late Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones, here is a collection of 11 outstanding testimonies (with many illustrations) presenting the lives of pioneer scientists along with historical and unique figures, each providing a powerful testimony to the saving grace of God.

Missionary Triumph over Slavery

Dr Peter Masters

We are told today that Christian missionaries of the past were tools of colonial oppression. The story of William Knibb shows how wildly wrong this is. Persecuted by British rulers in Jamaica because he opposed settlers’ abuses, he was pivotal in swinging public opinion behind legislation to end slavery.


Heritage of Evidence in the British Museum

Dr Peter Masters

In today’s atheistic climate most people have no idea how much powerful evidence exists for the literal accuracy and authenticity of the biblical record. The British Museum holds a huge number of major discoveries that provide direct corroboration for an immense sweep of Bible history.

Long-established titles

The Charismatic Illusion

Peter Masters and John Whitcomb

Now with more answers to questions asked by people investigating the arguments, this veteran book contends for the biblical position on the gifts that prevailed for nearly 2,000 years before the charismatic movement came along. Here is the dynamic teaching of the Spirit that sustained true believers through dark and bright years of history.

The Healing Epidemic

Dr Peter Masters

Dr Masters here answers the arguments used by healers in support of their methods. He explains Bible teaching on what demons can and cannot do, and how James 5 should be implemented in churches today. He also proves that the conscious mind should always be switched on for spiritual activities.

The Baptist Confession of Faith, 1689

Edited by Peter Masters

C. H. Spurgeon said of this great Confession – 'Here the youngest members of our church will have a body of Truth in small compass, and by means of the scriptural proofs, will be able to give a reason of the hope that is in them.' This brilliant summary of doctrine, with its invaluable proof texts, is here gently modernised,…

Psalms & Hymns of Reformed Worship

Edited by Peter Masters

This collection was inspired by 'Our Own Hymn Book', compiled by Spurgeon; its ethos and design has here been imitated in a modern context. It begins with 'Spirit of the Psalms' (the first 150 hymn numbers correspond to the 150 psalms of the Bible) – followed by 591 carefully-selected hymns.

Published by Wakeman Trust and available from Tabernacle Bookshop. All royalties go to Christian causes.