Why Sunday School?

Christians are deeply concerned about the secularisation of the rising generation lost to the Gospel.

It is for this reason, over forty years ago, that Mrs Jill Masters and others at the Metropolitan Tabernacle saw the need to service the great Sunday School movement.

Since then, her evangelisticLessons for Life Sunday School resources have enabled a growing team of Sunday School teachers to gradually enlarge the Tabernacle’s Sunday School to over 1,000 children today.

Sunday School children around the world have voted by their attendance and we offer a wealth of Sunday School resources to others who see the urgent need to start or enlarge a traditional, Sunday afternoon Sunday School with abundant ideas for Sunday Schools and all other related activity.

Our Sunday Schools

We give a warm welcome to all children and teenagers who come along to one of our Sunday Schools or Bible Classes. Sunday School runs from 3-4pm every Sunday and is completely free. Newcomers are welcome to join on any Sunday, and parents can come to see what their children are taught.

Currently over 150 teachers and other staff operate our Sunday Schools in London, plus those who help with transportation, involving a fleet of 20 minibuses and numerous private cars. This not only makes it the largest Sunday School in London, but also in the UK.

The Sunday School calendar includes a summer outing for the children, and special anniversary, prizegiving and Christmas services (open to parents).

All teachers and regular assistants hold Disclosure and Barring Service certificates, and a Child Protection Policy is operated by the Tabernacle.

One of our minibuses or cars might be able to collect your children for Sunday School. Call us on 020 7735 7076 or email us.

Sunday School branches

Metropolitan Tabernacle

Elephant & Castle
London SE1 6SD

Surrey Square

Surrey Square (off Old Kent Road)
London SE17


City of London Academy (Southwark),
240 Lynton Road, London SE1 5LA

Surrey Gardens Memorial Hall

Penrose Street (off Walworth Road)
London SE17


Brixton Tabernacle, Stockwell Road
Brixton, London SW9

Visual aids

Top-quality professional artwork serves to make these visuals compelling to a generation of children accustomed to sophisticated graphics.

Children’s hymnbook

The Christian Church has a superb tradition of God-glorifying hymns and choruses suitable for children’s worship.

Sunday School Teachers

Teachers are ambassadors for the Lord Jesus Christ, through teaching the Gospel to young souls.

Weeknight meetings

For children who regularly attend Sunday School or Bible Class there are popular mid-week meetings.

Junior Church

Junior Church topics have a strong doctrinal emphasis, giving children a familiarity with the Scriptures.

Motto Text

Download a pdf copy of the 2024 Sunday School Motto Text.

Lessons for Life books 1, 2, 3 and 4 provide a structured course of Bible lessons for children from the Old and New Testaments. They cover all the great doctrines and events of the Bible in a memorable way. Sets of visual aids for each book are available separately.

Each book contains 46 Sunday School lessons, sufficient for a one year Sunday School programme and adaptable for pre-schoolers and teenage Sunday School children alike.

A well-run Sunday School strives to teach evangelistic lessons from the Bible and plants the Gospel seed in a number of young hearts for the winning of their souls to Christ.

The Sunday School Lessons for Life programme offers a distinctive challenge for young people growing up in these perilous times of atheism. They avoid the presentation of the Bible narrative as mere ‘stories’, so that the Word of God speaks powerfully to the young, pressing home the great arguments and appeals of the Gospel and Christian conversion.

The Lessons for Life books have been translated into Bengali, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.

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Building an Outreach Sunday School

Hoping to start or enlarge a Sunday School?

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Throughout the operation of our meetings, and during the collection and transporting of children their safety, protection and welfare is the first priority.

Data Privacy

All personal data of children and parents is protected by GDPR legislation, to which the Tabernacle conforms. Our Sunday School Privacy Notice can be accessed here.

Archive of Online Lessons

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