How Christ Saves Us

First, we must know who He is who cares for our souls, then observe the nature of this love, then ask who gains from His love, then in what way He gave Himself for us, and how this obtains for us new life and Heaven.

Behold the Man!

‘Then came Jesus forth, wearing the crown of thorns, and the purple robe. And Pilate saith unto them, Behold the man!’

The Centrality of Christ

Christ is the manifestation of God’s nature and the only source of pardon and life for those who seek Him. All empires and philosophies pass away, but the crucifixion stands as the greatest ever act of kindness and atonement – the only way to God.

Aspects of Calvary

The outward aspects of Calvary show the very evil for which the Lord atoned (on behalf of the redeemed). We see vividly portrayed His humiliation, along with human dishonesty, rejection of Himself, corruption and theft. For all these He paid an indescribable price inwardly.

Christ at Golgotha

Matthew’s atonement account provides a seamless overview. Here are: the rejection of Christ that ended the era of Jewish privilege, the cruelties inflicted, the uttered scorn, the three hours of darkness (and its significance) up to the Lord’s voluntarily yielding up of life for the redeemed.

The Price of Heaven

We do not grieve over Calvary, because the Lord now reigns in glory, but it stirs our indebtedness and love as nothing else. Here is Gethsemane (the foretaste), the scourging (man’s hatred), the cross, (the atonement), and the ‘royal’ superscription.

He Loved and Gave Himself

The enduring amazement of Paul the Apostle shines through these famous words, urging us to explore and ponder the glorious Person of Christ and the way in which He ‘gave Himself’, or handed Himself over, to the work of redeeming His people.

There They Crucified Him

Why the place was so important; who ‘they’ were, and their significance; why it had to be crucifixion, and all that it meant; and the fact that of all people it was ‘Him’ upon that cross, the Saviour of the world. Four words that move hearts.

See Him!

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters

The Debt We Owe to Christ

David’s prophecy of Calvary, quoted by Christ as His own words, describes verse-by-verse the details and purpose of Calvary more deeply even than the Gospels. Then (from verse 23) David exhorts believers to love Him, and predicts eternal glory. (Good Friday service)