Church Membership in the Bible

Peter Masters

Christ has designed a ‘home’ or family for his people, described in these pages as an accomplishment of divine genius. This is a magnificent subject, vital to spiritual growth and blessing and also to our service for the Saviour.

This book answers many questions about churches and church membership in New Testament times. Next to having a real walk with Christ and knowing the doctrines of the faith, membership of a good church has a powerful formative influence on the believer’s life.

Also available in Spanish.

Extracts from this book


If there was no membership, if every man did that which was right in his own eyes, if everyone decided to carry out whatever form of Christian testimony he wished to engage in, then the Temple picture would be irrelevant, for it cannot depict anarchy and individualism.
But the Lord, who has fashioned and made every believer physically, mentally and spiritually, has also designed a place for each one. The Lord calls his people into membership together, to be used by him, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. There is a wonderful orderliness about the local church, as designed and intended by God.




Author Peter Masters
Item Code MAST19
ISBN 9781870855648
Publisher Wakeman Trust
Binding Paperback
Pages 62