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The City that RepentedPastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed5 Jul 2020
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Devotional CounselsDr Peter Masters11 Mar 2020
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Water to Every Thirsty SoulPastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed23 Feb 2020
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Armed for the BattlePastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed9 Feb 2020
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The Lord With UsDr Peter Masters26 Jan 2020
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Follow The Word!Dr Peter Masters19 Jan 2020
Six Features of MankindDr Peter Masters15 Jan 2020
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Church Age PredictionsDr Peter Masters8 Jan 2020
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Questions For LifePastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed28 Apr 2019
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Sudden and Unexpected ConversionDr Peter Masters14 Apr 2019
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Joshua’s Sixteen ResolutionsDr Peter Masters10 Apr 2019
Life So Full, Yet So EmptyDr Peter Masters7 Apr 2019
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God’s Thinking Compared with OursDr Peter Masters10 Mar 2019
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Possessing the LandDr Peter Masters27 Feb 2019
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Our Unshakeable InheritancePastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed3 Feb 2019
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Sifted and SustainedPastor Jonathan Stobbs12 Sep 2018
From a Man of the World to a Man of GodPastor Roland Burrows9 Sep 2018
Joseph’s Brothers – the Agony of a Guilty ConsciencePastor Roland Burrows9 Sep 2018
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Things Man Cannot Do, Without Christ, Dr Peter Masters2 Sep 2018
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A Tale of Two Lives, Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed16 Jul 2017
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All God’s Supremacy in One PsalmDr Peter Masters14 May 2017
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Right InterpretationDr Peter Masters7 May 2017
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No Other GodDr Peter Masters5 Apr 2017
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Partakers of the Divine NatureDr Peter Masters26 Mar 2017
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Why People Do or Don’t BelieveDr Peter Masters19 Mar 2017
Paul’s Worldwide PulpitDr Peter Masters19 Mar 2017
David on the Terms of BlessingDr Peter Masters15 Mar 2017
How Christ CallsDr Peter Masters12 Mar 2017
Paul’s Triumph in ShipwreckDr Peter Masters12 Mar 2017
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Christ – Our Supreme MessageDr Peter Masters5 Mar 2017
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Peace and ReconciliationPastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed26 Feb 2017
A Life All Pleasing To The Lord, Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed26 Feb 2017
David’s Driving Aim in LifeDr Peter Masters22 Feb 2017
A Unique View of ChristDr Peter Masters19 Feb 2017
The Christian’s PurposeDr Peter Masters19 Feb 2017
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The Divine ConfrontationDr Peter Masters12 Feb 2017
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Losses and Gains In ConversionDr Peter Masters5 Feb 2017
Paul’s Final Appeal to JerusalemDr Peter Masters5 Feb 2017
David on Felt Union with GodDr Peter Masters1 Feb 2017
The Greatest Hindrance To FaithDr Peter Masters29 Jan 2017
“A remnant shall be saved”Dr Peter Masters29 Jan 2017
David’s Components of DedicationDr Peter Masters25 Jan 2017
Biblical Self-EvaluationDr Peter Masters22 Jan 2017
God’s Amazing OverrulingDr Peter Masters22 Jan 2017
David’s Prayer for GuidanceDr Peter Masters18 Jan 2017
Meeting God in This LifeDr Peter Masters15 Jan 2017
The Church and the WorldDr Peter Masters15 Jan 2017
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Gospel EffectivenessPastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed8 Jan 2017
King David’s Route to AssuranceDr Peter Masters4 Jan 2017
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“I Commend You To God”Dr Peter Masters1 Jan 2017
The Opposite of ChristmasDr Peter Masters25 Dec 2016
The Speech of GodDr Peter Masters25 Dec 2016
Pathway To BlessingPastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed21 Dec 2016
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Paul’s Life DisplayedDr Peter Masters18 Dec 2016
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Wasting The SoulDr Peter Masters11 Dec 2016
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Gospel OppositionDr Peter Masters4 Dec 2016
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A Good and Solid FoundationPastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed23 Nov 2016
Expanding Your View of LifeDr Peter Masters20 Nov 2016
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Faith’s Higher ReasoningDr Peter Masters13 Nov 2016
The Penalties of PrideDr Peter Masters13 Nov 2016
Do We Have A Policy?Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed9 Nov 2016
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Paul’s Use of PersuasionDr Peter Masters6 Nov 2016
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Imitating Paul at PhilippiDr Peter Masters30 Oct 2016
Finding Peace With GodDr Peter Masters30 Oct 2016
The Blessings of ReflectionDr Peter Masters26 Oct 2016
Valid and Phoney Prayer ComparedDr Peter Masters23 Oct 2016
The Surprising JourneyDr Peter Masters23 Oct 2016
What Lies Ahead in our Lives?Dr Peter Masters19 Oct 2016
Salvation at the Dawn of HistoryDr Peter Masters16 Oct 2016
The Sole Source of AuthorityDr Peter Masters16 Oct 2016
David’s Prayer of FaithDr Peter Masters12 Oct 2016
Sure Evidence of GodDr Peter Masters9 Oct 2016
Conditions for BlessingDr Peter Masters9 Oct 2016
Precious FaithPastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed5 Oct 2016
Things That Come Only From GodDr Peter Masters2 Oct 2016
How Paul Preached ChristDr Peter Masters2 Oct 2016
The Victorious March of GodDr Peter Masters28 Sep 2016
Knowing the Power of GodDr Peter Masters25 Sep 2016
Miraculous AssurancesDr Peter Masters25 Sep 2016
David’s Inventory of BenefitsDr Peter Masters21 Sep 2016
Flesh Against SpiritDr Peter Masters18 Sep 2016
Checking Your Belief SystemDr Peter Masters18 Sep 2016
King David’s ResolutionsDr Peter Masters14 Sep 2016
Have Ye UnderstoodPastor Jack Seaton11 Sep 2016
Seeing The Cross of ChristPastor Jack Seaton11 Sep 2016
Taking the Name of the LordPastor Richard Clarke7 Sep 2016
The Character of NehemiahPastor Roland Burrows4 Sep 2016
The Lamb of GodPastor Roland Burrows4 Sep 2016
Grace In AfflictionPastor Chris Hand31 Aug 2016
Christ The Physician Of SoulsPastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed28 Aug 2016
The Trials of FaithPastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed28 Aug 2016
Comfort For Troubled SoulsPastor Jonathan Stobbs24 Aug 2016
Put Off the Old Man, Dr Peter Masters21 Aug 2016
Not of the WorldPastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed21 Aug 2016
Praise For Lasting GloryMr Michael Hunt17 Aug 2016
How to Think as ChristiansDr Peter Masters14 Aug 2016
The Need of Your SoulDr Peter Masters14 Aug 2016
Using the Anchor Texts (2)Dr Peter Masters10 Aug 2016
Saved by GracePastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed7 Aug 2016
Keep the CommandPastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed7 Aug 2016
Joshua’s Strength & CourageMr Chris Cooper3 Aug 2016
Nominalism and PrejudicePastor Roger Brazier31 Jul 2016
God’s Unalterable TimetablePastor Roger Brazier31 Jul 2016
Using the Bible’s Anchor TextsDr Peter Masters27 Jul 2016
Freedom from Life’s BurdensDr Peter Masters24 Jul 2016
The Great Event for GentilesDr Peter Masters24 Jul 2016
Christ’s Paramount Lesson to His DisciplesDr Peter Masters20 Jul 2016
Is God For or Against Us?Dr Peter Masters17 Jul 2016
The Gentile Door Inches OpenDr Peter Masters17 Jul 2016
Christ Teaches on Christian FellowshipDr Peter Masters13 Jul 2016
The Triumph of the CrossPastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed10 Jul 2016
Preparing Paul the ApostleDr Peter Masters10 Jul 2016
The Covenant of GraceDr Peter Masters6 Jul 2016
Levels of Life, Dr Peter Masters3 Jul 2016
The First African ProfessionDr Peter Masters3 Jul 2016
Lay Hold On Eternal LifePastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed29 Jun 2016
What Is Your Life?Dr Peter Masters26 Jun 2016
Simon of SamariaDr Peter Masters26 Jun 2016
Christ’s Teaching on the Holy SpiritDr Peter Masters22 Jun 2016
Things We Have Never Seen, , Dr Peter Masters19 Jun 2016
Stephen’s Finest HourDr Peter Masters19 Jun 2016
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Fighting the Good FightPastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed12 Jun 2016
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Why Die When You Could Live?Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed5 Jun 2016
Faith in the Ultimate PromiseDr Peter Masters5 Jun 2016
Christ’s Teaching on the End of TimeDr Peter Masters1 Jun 2016
The Rule for Church ExpansionDr Peter Masters29 May 2016
Why We Are Alienated From GodDr Peter Masters29 May 2016
Virtues Versus VicesPastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed25 May 2016
Purging the ConscienceDr Peter Masters22 May 2016
Counted Worthy to SufferDr Peter Masters22 May 2016
Christ’s Own Rules for Wealth and GovernmentDr Peter Masters18 May 2016
Perceiving Our Greatest NeedsDr Peter Masters15 May 2016
Impact of The WordDr Peter Masters15 May 2016
Humility and its WorksDr Peter Masters11 May 2016
Our Substitutes for GodDr Peter Masters8 May 2016
The Struggle for SincerityDr Peter Masters8 May 2016
Christ’s Rules for Christian WorkersDr Peter Masters4 May 2016
Everyone’s Inner BattleDr Peter Masters1 May 2016
The Power of FaithfulnessDr Peter Masters1 May 2016
Disciples Shown the Life of FaithDr Peter Masters27 Apr 2016
A Sinner Turned Into A SaintPastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed24 Apr 2016
The Spiritual Battle AgendaPastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed24 Apr 2016
Disciples Trained to Discern ConversionDr Peter Masters20 Apr 2016
The Extensiveness of ConversionDr Peter Masters17 Apr 2016
The Gospel ProvedDr Peter Masters17 Apr 2016
The Disciples Taught to PrayDr Peter Masters13 Apr 2016
Gaining or Losing the SoulDr Peter Masters10 Apr 2016
The Living ChristDr Peter Masters10 Apr 2016
Let Us Come BoldlyPastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed6 Apr 2016
When God CallsDr Peter Masters3 Apr 2016
Fruits of PentecostDr Peter Masters3 Apr 2016
How The Lord Shaped His DisciplesDr Peter Masters30 Mar 2016
Life’s DestinationDr Peter Masters27 Mar 2016
A Resurrection Test of FaithDr Peter Masters27 Mar 2016
The Price of HeavenDr Peter Masters25 Mar 2016
To God Alone Be The GloryPastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed23 Mar 2016
Our Losses Without GodDr Peter Masters20 Mar 2016
The Astounding SermonDr Peter Masters20 Mar 2016
Looking More Closely at CalvaryDr Peter Masters16 Mar 2016
The Purpose of PentecostDr Peter Masters13 Mar 2016
The Enemy WithinDr Peter Masters13 Mar 2016
Loving, Looking, HelpingPastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed9 Mar 2016
The Only Way to GodPastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed6 Mar 2016
God’s Sanctifying Work WithinDr Peter Masters6 Mar 2016
Precious Marriage TextsDr Peter Masters2 Mar 2016
Christ Speaks About Eternal LossDr Peter Masters28 Feb 2016
A New Era Of PowerDr Peter Masters28 Feb 2016
Explaining Ezekiel’s River of LifeDr Peter Masters24 Feb 2016
Christ Defines Spiritual LifeDr Peter Masters21 Feb 2016
Paul’s Gospel DoxologyDr Peter Masters21 Feb 2016
Ezekiel’s City and Its MeaningDr Peter Masters17 Feb 2016
The Beginning of Life In The SoulPastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed14 Feb 2016
The Seven Pillars Of A ContenderPastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed14 Feb 2016
Lessons from Enoch’s Life and ProphecyPastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed10 Feb 2016
Knowing the Living GodDr Peter Masters7 Feb 2016
A Christian’s Vital FeelingsDr Peter Masters7 Feb 2016
A Prophetic Parable Explains our TimesDr Peter Masters3 Feb 2016
What is ‘the foolishness of God’?Dr Peter Masters31 Jan 2016
The Ties that BindDr Peter Masters31 Jan 2016
The Unfolding Prophecy of TyreDr Peter Masters27 Jan 2016
The Nature and Scope of LoveDr Peter Masters24 Jan 2016
Full of GoodnessDr Peter Masters24 Jan 2016
The Phonies Exposed and JudgedPastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed20 Jan 2016
Shopping for the TruthDr Peter Masters17 Jan 2016
Holding on to AssuranceDr Peter Masters17 Jan 2016
Keeping Spiritual ZealDr Peter Masters13 Jan 2016
Disabilities of the SoulDr Peter Masters10 Jan 2016
Living for OthersDr Peter Masters10 Jan 2016
Christ’s Plan For His ChurchesDr Peter Masters6 Jan 2016
The Memory of the SoulDr Peter Masters3 Jan 2016
Four Features of True ChristiansDr Peter Masters3 Jan 2016
God’s Divine SurgeryPastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed27 Dec 2015
Every Saint is a ContenderPastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed27 Dec 2015
Heaven’s Great AnnouncementDr Peter Masters25 Dec 2015
Facing Life’s PerplexitiesPastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed23 Dec 2015
Live While You CanDr Peter Masters20 Dec 2015
How Christ is Put OnDr Peter Masters20 Dec 2015
The Vital Duty of Private JudgementDr Peter Masters16 Dec 2015
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