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Sunday Schools and Bible Classes are online for the time being. In January 2021 we moved from online video lessons to live Zoom lessons for infants, juniors and teenagers. If friends beyond the Tabernacle who have been watching the videos would like access, please email info@MetropolitanTabernacle.org. The archive of video lessons remains available and new lessons will continue to be posted each week for Deaf children and pre-schoolers.

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Christians are deeply concerned about the secularisation of the rising generation lost to the Gospel. It is for this reason, over thirty years ago, that Mrs Jill Masters and others at the Metropolitan Tabernacle saw the need to service the great Sunday School movement.

Since then, her evangelistic 'Lessons for Life' Sunday School resources have enabled a growing team of Sunday School teachers to gradually enlarge the Tabernacle’s Sunday School to over 1,000 children today.

Sunday School children around the world have voted by their attendance and we offer a wealth of Sunday School resources to others who see the urgent need to start or enlarge a traditional, Sunday afternoon Sunday School with abundant ideas for Sunday Schools and all other related activity.

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