Resurrection at the End of Time

Paul presents the resurrection as a representative act, guaranteeing total victory over death. He firmly places our resurrection at Christ’s return when all sin, unbelief and death will end, and shows the final victory-transaction when Christ hands all to the Father. You can look at the different epistles in the New Testament and identify a … Continued

The Primacy of Christ’s Resurrection

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The Death of Death

The purposes of Christ’s resurrection. Here also are aspects of the tyranny and ugliness of death which the human mind does not like to think of, to show the scale and magnificence of Christ’s victory over it on our behalf. The present and eternal benefits of knowing Him.

The Mystery of Death

The immortality of the soul makes death either peaceful or terrifying, according to whether we are walking with God. All human life is ultimately a losing battle with death, the unavoidable appointment. Here is Christ’s way of breaking its power and bringing souls to eternal life.