The Dissolving of Doubts 4

The nature of inspiration; the interpreting of Scripture; the anointing or transformed view of Scripture that conversion brings; the nature of attacks on Scripture, and a classic example in the virgin birth prophecy of Isaiah 14, showing the absurdity of the attack and the wonder of the passage.

The Inspired Scriptures

The New Testament canon, set by the Spirit through the apostles, joins the Old Testament as the inspired, infallible, authoritative Word, unparalleled by any human literature. Here are its unique excellencies, themes and purposes, that deepen and equip believers for their ‘good works’, also here named.

The Sufficiency of God’s Word

The principle that God’s Word gives authoritative, detailed instructions for all spiritual matters, including doctrine, worship and methods, is now being denied by evangelicals who want liberty to innovate. Here are the texts that prove the principle, especially Paul’s passages about a precise pattern for the church.