These hymn videos may be downloaded and freely used in public worship

Notes on use

The file numbers correspond to the hymn numbers in Psalms & Hymns of Reformed Worship, which is available from the Metropolitan Tabernacle Bookshop. The hymn book also contains the hymn classifications (e.g. Adoration of the Triune God, The Holy Scriptures etc).

Numbers 1-150 correspond to the Psalm number; those numbers in brackets refer to the version. For example, 23(5) is the fifth hymn version of Psalm 23 in the book.

All the files can be downloaded and used in public worship, but please note that they may not be used for any other purpose without prior permission from the Tabernacle.

If you would like to obtain the music, this can be found in the Psalms & Hymns music edition, which is available from the Tabernacle bookshop. The tunes by Christopher Laws (and all those marked ©Wakeman Trust) are copyright of The Wakeman Trust and may be found in Worthy the Lamb, which is also available from the bookshop.

To download individual videos, click the link below to access the hymn videos folder, right-click the relevant video and select ‘download’. To download the whole set, click the link below, then click the small downward arrow next to ‘Metropolitan Tabernacle hymn videos’ at the top of the page, and select ‘download’.

Hymn videos folder