The lives of seventeen remarkable people, having in common a personal spiritual experience which changed and moulded them.  These well-loved lives and testimonies include composer Felix Mendelssohn, ex-brewery heir Fred Charrington, pioneer scientist Sir James Simpson and others. Here are examples of leading people whose lives were changed by a sight of real Christianity.

Dawn Breaks over Europe

Martin Luther – part 1 of 2

Dawn Breaks over Europe

Martin Luther – part 2 of 2

A Composer’s Journey

Felix Mendelssohn

Bowers of the Antarctic

Lieut ‘Birdie’ Bowers

Discoverer of Chloroform

Sir James Simpson

Hero of Malta

Lieutenant-General Sir William Dobbie

Leader of the Lords

Viscount Alexander of Hillsborough

The ‘Lord Apostol’

Lord Radstock

The Making of a King

Alfred the Great

The Prodigal Poet

James Montgomery

Commodore of the Fleet

Captain John Brown

Many of these accounts are taken from two popular collections of illustrated biographies: Men of Purpose and Men of Destiny by Dr Peter Masters.  Available for purchase from the Tabernacle Bookshop.