Most people have no idea how much powerful evidence exists for the literal accuracy of the biblical record. The British Museum holds a huge number of major discoveries that provide direct corroboration and background confirmation for an immense sweep of Bible history. This video survey of Bible authenticating exhibits has been designed as a guide to give pleasure and interest to those unable to tour the galleries.

Also included are three fascinating videos detailing the life and development of the early church.

Assyrian Monuments Confirm the Bible

Evidence in stone ratifies events around 880 BC

The Fall of Samaria

Larger-than-life representation of an emperor confirms the biblical account

Hezekiah’s Defence of Jerusalem

As described in the chronicles of King Sennacherib (701 BC)

The Fall of Assyria

A Babylonian chronicle confirms the collapse of the Assyrian Empire

Joshua’s Conquest

Confirming Bible history (c.1400 BC)

Nebuchadnezzar and Ur of the Chaldees

A biblical place authenticated
(c.2500 BC)

The Remarkable Babylonian Chronicles

Impressive items verify Bible history (615-539 BC)

The Fall of Babylon

Sensational chronicles attest the Biblical record (539 BC)

The Persians

Biblical descriptions validated (536-400 BC)

The New Testament Times

Emperors and everyday objects of the time

The Early Church (1)

The apostles and their persecutors.

The Early Church (2)

After the apostles.

The Early Church (3)

The first heresies.