In the Beginning..was Information!

Professor Werner Gitt

German Federal Institute of Physics
and Technology, Braunschweig

The origin of life from the viewpoint of information. All living organisms require information to function. It is the cornerstone of life, yet often overlooked. In order to understand the origin of life, we first have to explain what information is and how it came about.

Professor Werner Gitt PhD Eng was Director and Professor of the Information Technology Division at the German Federal Institute of Physics and Technology in Braunschweig, Germany from 1978-2002. His pioneering research, published in numerous scientific journals, was in the field of information science, numerical mathematics and control engineering.

Extraterrestrial Life and the Multiverse

Professor Stuart Burgess

University of Cambridge/University of Bristol

An overview of the different ways of searching for extra-terrestrial life (ETL). Why has searching for ETL become so important in our day? And why all the recent popularisation of the multiverse by certain groups of astrophysicists and Hollywood?

Professor Stuart Burgess BSc(Eng) PhD CEng FIMechE has taught engineering design at the universities of Cambridge and Bristol. He is a recipient of the Turners Gold Medal and the James Clayton Prize (2019) for engineering design, and has published over 180 scientific articles on design in engineering and nature. He has also designed spacecraft for the European Space Agency as well as Olympic bikes for Team GB.

How We Date Everything

Professor Steve Taylor

University of Liverpool

How do we know whether something is 6000 years old or 4.5 billion years old? What do modern telescopes and observations from stars millions of light years away tell us? And how about radiometric dating, fossils and archaeological material? This talk presents a layman’s review of the various dating methods, and their limitations.

Professor Steve Taylor BSc (Eng) MEng PhD ACGI FIEE FInstP CEng is Professor of the University of Liverpool in the School of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Computer Science, specialising in electromagnetics, nanotechnology and design. He is head of the Mass Spectrometry Research Group at Liverpool, which was responsible for the invention and development of the world’s smallest mass spectrometer.

Those Who Overlook Their Creator

Simon Turpin

Answers in Genesis UK/Europe

Atheistic evolutionists or sceptics often argue that belief in supernatural creation of the world and incidents such as Noah’s global Flood is “extremism”, “fundamentalist”, “anti-intellectual”, and “literalist”. Are these valid views of biblical faith, or are they caricatures? Could biblical faith in fact be relevant – even essential – for our scientific materialist age and society?

Simon Turpin is the executive director and speaker for Answers in Genesis–UK/Europe. He holds a BA in biblical and intercultural studies and an MA in theology. Prior to joining Answers in Genesis in 2015, Simon pastored a church and wrote for the Answers Research Journal. He speaks for AiG on both sides of the Atlantic.