Command Thy blessing from above

Sung during the Sunday worship at the Metropolitan Tabernacle, London (Spurgeon’s).

Hymn 153 from our hymn book, Psalms & Hymns of Reformed Worship.

COMMAND Thy blessing from above,
O God! on all assembled here:
Behold us with a Father’s love,
While we look up with filial fear.

Command Thy blessing, Jesus, Lord!
May we Thy true disciples be;
Speak to each heart the mighty word,
Say to the weakest, ‘Follow Me.’

Command Thy blessing in this hour,
Spirit of Truth! and fill the place
With humbling and exalting power,
With quickening and confirming grace.

O Thou, our Maker, Saviour, Guide,
One true eternal God confessed,
May nought in life or death divide
The saints in Thy communion blessed.

With Thee and Thine for ever found,
May all the souls who here unite,
With harps and songs Thy throne surround,
Rest in Thy love, and reign in light.

Author: James Montgomery (1771-1854)
Tune: Fulda
Composer: Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) arr William Gardiner (1770-1853)

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