The deeper things of life are so easily crowded out today. Here at the Metropolitan Tabernacle we cater for the needs of the soul.

Permit me, as a pastor for many years, to plead with you not to let the ultimate meaning and purpose of life pass you by. True fulfilment and happiness depends on knowing who we are, and knowing the Lord, our Creator. Don’t let yourself be swept away, programmed and ruled by the shallow things of materialism and hedonism. We need Him and one day we must give account to Him.

We’ve presented a collection of material here to help you. Do investigate the facts of the Christian faith, and the possibility of walking with God.

-Dr Peter Masters

Five-minute clips

There is a vagueness that leads to disaster

Who am I? Is my life greater than the body? The body has been called the house of the soul

Under ten minutes on..

What can we bring to God when we approach Him? Nothing except words

Nine minutes considering the atheist’s view of life

Why did Christ suffer and die on the cross of Calvary, and what does it mean for us?

Two vital steps to God

Quick reads

Starter Sermons

Here are some recommended evangelistic sermons to begin with:

How atheism shapes us, imparting distinctive characteristics of thought and action

Christ’s declaration that He is ‘The Truth’ makes Him the reason for the world’s existence, and the key to finding God

The differences between mere knowledge of the Christian faith, and a real experience of God’s saving power

The question ‘why did God allow sin?’ deeply disturbs many seekers and young believers, for it challenges the perfection of God

Find out more…

Remarkable people whose lives were totally changed by God

Overwhelming evidence for the accuracy of Biblical history found in the British Museum, and information on the early church
Men and women who were converted to Christ during a time of great political, religious and civil turbulence
Major world features that can only be explained by God’s creating power