A Musician’s Perspective on Contemporary Christian Music

Neil McGovern

This article briefly looks at some of the reasons why certain musics are inappropriate for the dignified worship of Almighty God. The focus here is on the music itself rather than the lyrics or the statements and antics of secular…
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Does Everyone Have a Guardian Angel?

William Gouge

It is enough to know and believe what the Word of God has revealed, that the holy angels of God have a charge over us, and take special care of each of us, not one only but many. The ministry…
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Anger is a Tender Virtue

John Trapp

He who would be angry without sin must not be angry at anything except sin. Our Saviour was angry with Peter, and angry with the Pharisees for the hardness of their hearts. And God’s blessing is upon every such good…
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Seeds of the Reformation

Dr. Nick Needham

Some people like to see the Protestant Reformation as a celestial ‘bolt from the blue’, a miraculous restoration of apostolic Christianity which God (so to speak) dropped into history straight down from Heaven. That view once held sway in the…
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Great Advances Sown by the Reformation

Dr. Nick Needham

The 'magisterial' Reformation was given a voice by Reformers like Luther, Zwingli, and Calvin, who embraced an organic alliance between church and state for the purpose of Christianising society. In this outlook, church and state were practically two sides of…
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The Necessity and Justification for the Free Offer of the Gospel

Malcolm Watts

Rowland Hill once visited Bristol to preach the Gospel on the eve of Bristol Fair. His text was Isaiah 55.1 – ‘Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters, and he that hath no money; come ye, buy,…
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Ye are the Salt of the Earth – Keeping the church separate from the world

Dr John Gresham Machen

‘Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted?' In these words our Lord established at the very beginning the distinctness and separateness of the church. If the sharp…
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Who Wrote the Epistle of James?

Dr Jeff Riddle

‘James, a servant of God, and of the Lord Jesus Christ…’ (James 1.1). Who is this James? He describes himself as a ‘servant (doulos, slave) of God’ and a servant/slave ‘of the Lord Jesus Christ’. Dr Jeff Riddle is a…
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A Dressing-Down on Dressing Down

Mark Chen

Do believers need a dressing-down on their dressing? 'Surely not!' the hopeful would say, 'we are after all a people who have been taught the Word, and are careful to apply it.' But the realist is compelled to be cautious.…
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Priorities in Presenting the Faith

Dr John Whitcomb

The Gospel message was graciously presented, and after several months of such teaching, I surrendered to the claims and the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. As far as I could tell there were no other Christians in the student…
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Tabernacle Conversions in 1860

Metropolitan Tabernacle

There are over twenty ­volumes of beautifully handwritten testimonies of those converted during Spurgeon’s pastorate. These are the elders’ reports of each applicant for baptism and church membership throughout his ministry, including the revival year of 1861. Many glorious themes…
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The Significance of Karl Barth

Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones

The passing of Dr Karl Barth at the age of 82 is an event that calls for comment. As a man, there is only one adjective to apply to him and that is ‘great’. Everything about him was big. He…
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Abandoning Separation from Biblical Error

R E Palgrave

For many years independent evangelicals kept apart from churches in denominations affiliated to the apostate World Council of Churches, such as Anglican, Baptist Union and Methodist churches. The British Evangelical Council (whose members included the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches…
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