God or Mammon? The Snare of the Prosperity Gospel

Mr Robin Compston

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‘Who would have predicted that Christian churches would be infected by teaching as blatantly unbiblical as the Prosperity Gospel, an error which contradicts head-on the tenth commandment, and to which all believers should have an instinctive aversion? Yet this teaching has made strong headway’.

So begins this startling unmasking of the heresies of the Prosperity Gospel  movement. Fourteen crucial principles of Christian teaching are shown here to be thrown aside and substituted by opposite ideas.

Here is the book that could deliver many earnest believers from falling prey to the prosperity teachers.

Table of Contents:

1. An essential warning
2. Rejecting past Christian teaching
3. Appealing to claims of private revelation
4. Teaching myths about creation and the Fall
5. Distorting God’s covenant with Abraham
6. Promoting wants over needs
7. Ignoring the sin of covetousness
8. Evangelising by trust in money
9. Replacing faith by will-power
10. Inventing wealth for Jesus and his apostles
11. Tithing as a means of getting rich
12. Perverting the Christian life
13. Making wealth the mark of God’s approval
14. Ridiculing Christian contentment
15. Stimulating the love of money
16. A heresy to be avoided

‘Robin Compston has done an excellent job of exposing the wicked, damnable heretic doctrines taught by this cult. As someone who came out of it almost 20 years ago, I have a first-hand experience of the wickedness contained in their teachings. The effects of the doctrine can be seen in the dishonesty that permeates adherents of this cult. The dishonesty is in the fact that they see every financial increase (including those caused by mistakenly being undercharged for a service or overpayment of wage, salary or even benefit ) as “blessings”.

He has done an excellent job in outlining the doctrinal errors and critiquing them using the Scriptures. I really feel for him that he had had to buy some of their books and read through a pile of “junk”, whilst writing this book. I sincerely hope that it will be a means that God will use to call His sheep out of this cult.’

– online review

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