Heritage of Evidence in the British Museum

Dr Peter Masters

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In today’s atheistic climate most people have no idea how much powerful evidence exists for the literal accuracy and authenticity of the biblical record. The British Museum holds a huge number of major discoveries that provide direct corroboration and background confirmation for an immense sweep of Bible history.

This survey of Bible-authenticating exhibits has been designed as a guide for visitors, and also to give pleasure and interest to readers unable to tour the galleries. It will also be most suitable for people who need to see the accuracy and inspiration of the Bible. This latest edition has been revised to keep pace with museum changes.

The ‘tour’ followed here started life over forty years ago and has been used by many thousands of people including youth and student groups. Almost every item viewed on the tour receives a full colour photograph. Room plans are provided for every gallery visited showing the precise location of artefacts, and time-charts relate the items to contemporary kings and prophets. The book is enriched by pictures and descriptions of famous ‘proofs’ in other museums also.

Table of Contents

Heritage of Evidence in the British Museum

Introduction ‘The Route is Important’
Assyria versus the Bible Lands – Evidence in stone ratifies events
Documents from Bible Times – Confirming Bible history
Abraham’s Ur of the Chaldees – A biblical place authenticated
Jerusalem and then Babylon Fall – Sensational chronicles attest
The Royal Court of Persia – Biblical description validated (including the Cyrus Cylinder)
The Egypt of Genesis and Exodus – The culture of Egypt was just as the Bible said
The World of the New Testament – Caesars and objects of the time
Pharaohs of Joseph, Moses and Joshua – Statues and their possible connections
Evidence from Other Museums – To complete the picture

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