Lessons for Life – 4

Jill Masters

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Book 4 of Sunday School lessons which press home the great appeals of the Gospel. Visual aids also available separately. Series include: The Division of the Kingdom, Ten Commandments, the Life, Death and Resurrection of Christ, and character studies from Daniel and Nehemiah.

Acclaimed as “the best” by numerous conservative and reformed pastors. Honed over 30 years in Britain’s largest children’s Sunday School at the Metropolitan Tabernacle, London, these have reached youngsters from rich and poor homes alike, including thousands of unchurched.

All lessons are primarily evangelistic, consistent with the doctrines of grace, and teach the great doctrines and events of the Bible in a memorable way.

Four volumes give four years of notes, and include illustrations and instruction for visual aids.

These notes are used throughout the UK (and other language translations), standing almost alone in providing powerful evangelistic applications and arguments which children and young people can really respect.

Excerpts from online reviews

I’ve used this for a few years, and I feel its content is unparalleled. It transcends cultures effectively and even deepens the leaders spiritual walk as they prepare the lessons.

All four volumes go through different themes, and almost the whole scripture is delved into in a simple, clear and exciting way.

I’ve taught the same lesson to 8 year olds and 18 years olds. The same content just adapted! Good for all. It’s a must for any Sunday school wishing to reach out to their students and also equip them for life in the world.

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