Signs of Life

Andrew Owen

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This dictionary is for all who use British Sign Language (BSL) in Protestant churches. There are over 100 signs here and with glosses (other words that have the same sign) a vocabulary of over 250 words. This is an important reference guide for Deaf people, BSL students and tutors, interpreters, preachers, parents of Deaf children and anyone with an interest in BSL and the church. Each sign has a written explanation of handshapes, location etc. and drawings of handshapes for clarity. Some information on how the signs are derived is included where applicable. Bible verses containing the words/signs are given in some instances to add context.

Andrew Owen worked as a Graphic Designer for 25 years, but his career changed when a Deaf man walked into his church, the Metropolitan Tabernacle in London, where he is a deacon. He has experienced the founding of a work for Deaf people in the church, and offers the fruit of this in print.

He works as a Communication Support Worker, supporting Deaf students in 6th Forms, Colleges and Universities in London.

Extracts from online reviews

-Thought this was an excellent book for those who have little or no knowledge of religious signs. I liked the product for its clear demonstration of various signs and explanation, the colour photographs and graphics used to illustrate the direction the signs should go.

-It was a very helpful tool for learning signs used in church services and in other church activities. I recommend it to other Christians.

-Clear and concise pictures. Just what I needed!

-This is a perfect companion guide for anyone involved in BSL signing within a church environment and a super prompt service by the seller too.

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