The Dark Side of Christian Counselling

Dr E.S. Williams

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It is amazing how rapidly the Christian counselling movement has spread through churches in the UK, teaching that hurts and depressions once considered part of normal life are illnesses to be treated. It implies that for 1900 years the Bible has been insufficient for the woes of God’s people, or for their sanctification, but that now we have the ‘insights’ of anti-Christian psychologists to make good the deficit.

In this book medical doctor Ted Williams challenges these claims, giving the most clear-cut and interesting overview of the counselling movement and of the giants of secular psychology who are pillars of its ‘faith’.

Table of Contents

The Dark Side of Christian Counselling
1. The Foundations of the Christian Counselling Movement
2. Christian Counselling in the UK
3. The Aims of Christian Counselling
4. Intergrating Psychological and Biblical Truth
5. Sigmund Freud – the Founding Father of Psychotherapy
6. The Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler
7. Abraham Maslow – the Man with New Age Tendencies
8. Carl Rogers – a Man who Believed in Himself
9. Albert Ellis – the Aggressive Atheist
10. The Bible’s Verdict of Psychological ‘Truth’
11. The Case Against Larry Crabb
12. Self-esteem: the Secular Foundation
13. Self-esteem and the Christian Counselling Movement
14. Self-esteem Dogma in the Light of Scripture
15. Concluding Remarks

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