The Healing Epidemic

Dr Peter Masters

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Dr Masters here answers the arguments used by healers in support of their methods. He explains Bible teaching on what demons can and cannot do, and how James 5 should be implemented in churches today.

He also proves that the conscious mind should always be switched on for spiritual activities. Included is a brilliant assessment of miraculous healing by a leading British medical professor.


The healing gifts were given to the apostles because they were witnesses of the risen Lord, and in order that they could be identified and authenticated as genuine bearers of new revelation from God. Any other gifted healers such as Philip, Stephen and Barnabas were people who lived and served ‘in the shadow’ of apostles. It is possible there were some other helpers besides these three apostolic assistants who were given healing gifts (by the apostles) but no others are actually named in the Scriptures. Therefore it is a gross distortion of the record to claim that healings were everyday occurrences in every local church, wrought by the hands of all kinds of believers. Clearly, if there were others (empowered to heal by apostles) there could not have been many, for this would have completely obscured the authentication of apostles, which was the supreme purpose of the healing gift, according to the Bible. 

The authenticating signs of a true apostle were signs, wonders and mighty deeds. The NIV rendering tries to capture the sense of the original: ‘The things that mark an apostle- signs, wonders and miracles – were done among you …’ If numerous ‘ordinary’ preachers, deacons, or church members had been gifted to perform signs, wonders and miracles, then how would anyone have known who the true apostles were? How would they have known whose words were inspired by God and whose were not? How would they have known which men were the bearers of authoritative revelation and which were imposters?


This volume is a masterful analysis and criticism of the most recent manifestations of charismatic phenomena…The exposition of James 5.13-14 is excellent, and his analysis of the place of the mind in the Christian’s experience is remarkable. The concluding chapter by a medical doctor is also insightful…This is one of the best books on this subject today. It should be widely read by concerned Christian people of all theological persuasions. – Bibliotheca Sacra

Table of Contents

  1. Authority of Scripture Undermined
  2. The Texts Say No!
  3. Demons, Demons Everywhere!
  4. Demons Cannot Occupy At Will
  5. Proving the Gifts Have Ceased
  6. Implementing James 5
  7. The Law of a Sound Mind
  8. A Medical View of Miraculous Healing

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