The Mutual Love of Christ and His People

Dr Peter Masters

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An explanation of the Song of Solomon for personal devotions and Bible study groups.

The courtship of the Song of Solomon provides fascinating scenes and events designed to show the love of Christ for His redeemed people, and theirs for Him. Here, also, are lessons for Christians when they become cold or backslidden, showing the way to recover Christ’s presence in their lives.

Prophecies of Christ abound in the Song, together with views of the bride’s destiny, as she prepares to cross the mountains into eternal glory, where the greatest wedding of all will take place.


Solomon’s Song of Songs is a very beautiful poem of tender love, but why is it in the Bible? There is, after all, nothing in the Song directly about God or faith or worship, nor is there any specific moral instruction. And who are the two lovers? The answer, and the ‘secret’ to understanding this remarkable book, is that the characters did not literally exist, but because this remarkable poem is an allegory like The Pilgrim’s Progress, except that the author is the Holy Spirit. It is through picture language that rich spiritual lessons are given. This is the oldest view of how we should understand the Song. The great majority of Bible-believing preachers and commentators throughout history have identified the groom as Christ and the  bride as His church, and they have shown how the love metaphors prophesy and describe in an amazing way the work of Christ for believers and their response to Him.

Table of Contents

The Mutual Love of Christ and His People
The Secret of the Song and Members of the ‘Cast’
1. Learning Communion with Christ
2. Prophecy of a New Era
3. Assurance Lost and Regained
4. Christ Describes His church
5. A Healing View of Christ
6. Love for a Militant Church
7. A Believer’s Personal Characteristics
8. A Believer’s Hope
Epilogue: The Believer’s Hope
Appendix: How Psalm 45 parallels the Song

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