The New Calvinists

Dr E.S. Williams

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Enmity between the church and the world dates from the Fall of man, so God says in Genesis 3.15. Satan’s major strategy is the overthrow of the church by the world, through infiltration and contamination.

But seldom has this battle reached the proportions of this present hour, when worldliness threatens every believer and church.

This book reveals the new ‘gospel’ of the so-called ‘new Calvinism’. It is a gospel that changes the terms of salvation, and that loves the world and embraces its culture.

Here are the objectives of the new Calvinists, taken from their own words.


It would be wrong to think of New Calvinism as founded on a clear doctrinal stand, for, as we shall see, it is a broad tent, with  an assortment of different ideas, teachings, practices and doctrines. First we will look at the origin of New Calvinism and its association with The Gospel Coalition; then we will meet three American ministers who stand at the heart of New Calvinism, namely Dr Tim Keller, Pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York; Dr John Piper, former pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis, and director of Desiring God Ministries; and Pastor Mark Driscoll, of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, who is reputed to be the most downloaded pastor in history. While the term ‘New Calvinism’ is seldom used in the UK, its underlying philosophy is being keenly adopted by churches and organisations here (as we shall see in later chapters).

Table of Contents

1.  The Phenomenon of New Calvinism: the Resurgence of Worldly Christianity
2.  Tim Keller: the Intellectual Populist of New Calvinism
3.  John Piper and Theological Flexibility
4.  Mark Driscoll: Proponent of ‘Cultural Relevance’
5.  New Calvinism in the UK: the Proclamation Trust
6.  The Porterbrook Network and New Calvinism
7.  A Voice From the Past

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